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January 2008
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Progress Made

WoWScrnShot_010108_233610 Fyra made it to 42 1/2 last night.  🙂  She was around 41 1/2 when Pil helped me out with an Uldamon run.  Lots of quests in there and mucho XP was made. 

I also picked up Outfitter (addon) to start trying my hand at the different Druid forms a little more.  I now have some additional gear that gets swapped in and out depending on my form.

Unfortunately, that means less bag space so I have to be more “frugal” about what I take with me.  I’m also getting closer to 300 alchemy and have run out of “trainable recipes”.  Anyone have any suggestions on level 285-300 alchemy recipes that might be good to try to find somewhere? Hmmm….

WoWScrnShot_123007_230008 A few days ago Fim ran Heroic Mech for the daily with a guild group. We had lots of fun including a really screwy bug when we tried running away from one of the big guys at the top of the elevator. He got stuck in the floor going up and down on the elevator and making him very hard to kill..  But we finally got him down.  We skipped the second boss after wiping once on her and took out the final boss in a single try.  Then we moved back to the second boss and took her down.  I don’t remember what dropped, but there really wasn’t anything good for me.

With everyone being away for the holidays we really haven’t had much ability to get any Raids going.  Tonight might be a kara run.. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In a side note…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!   We went to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex for the 1st.  Had a good time and got to see the shuttle (kinda) on it’s pad.  We don’t try to go to launches since they don’t always happen when planned, but we can see the shuttle go up from our house if we want, although it is not as impressive I am sure.

Hope everyone is having a good 2008 and I’ll see u in the game..