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December 2007
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More Alting..

Well, I guess even if I didn’t do all that much the night before.  I might as well post… I owe it to y’all (all 2 or 3 of you…).

Yes, still working on Fyra and Fhuun. Moved Fyra to Southshore and did some quests to kill Ogres and Syndicate (I think)..  She is getting close to 40!  Of course, no need for a mount, but I will probably get it anyway..  She is also getting closer to 300 alchemy.. I am still debating if I should keep her herbalism, or let Fhuun do all the herbing.

Not sure what else I would give her though.. Blacksmithing probably won’t be all that useful.  Was thinking of Enchanting, but that is expensive to level.  Would be nice in case I don’t ever get my rogue to 35+… 🙂  Someday I’d like to though..

Anyone have any suggestions?  Rogue also is my tailor…  Well, if Fyra moves up well, I might leave herbing on her and swap it out on Fhuun.. He also has mining.  Maybe jewelcrafting or tailoring also… He is a priest and then he can make all that good stuff later (if he gets to 70)… Hmm….. Well, I’ll keep him herbing for now, since he is higher level than fyra..

See.. you guys helped me already and I didn’t even post this!!  How’s that for stream of consciousness..

Ah well..  Mythos didn’t start a kara run last night. I think there were very few people around with the holidays and all.. I’m hoping we get a ZA regular run going soon..  But I do like the time I have to work on my alts. I’d love to bring Fyra into an instance with others.. But I really don’t want to do a pug.. Maybe I’ll see if people want to run me through.. The main goal is to get the loot and the quests done…

Well then.. Hope everyone has a good day.. I’ll speak u later 😉