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December 2007
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The Veil

Flying_121507_220001 Ah.. The sweet smell of winter… ahem…

So!  What’ve I been doing?  Well, I’m back to playing more because I finished Mass Effect (I liked the ending quite a bit.. can’t wait for more). 

I’ve been leveling my druid and finally got her to level 35!  Upgraded my alchemy skillz and almost maxed back out again!  I need to go farm some goldthorn though.. Thought I had more.. ah well.

A few days ago, I joined the guild in an alt run of Kara.. Of course, I brought a non-alt, but I was just there to help out.  We got through the opera (Big bad wolf) before calling it a night.  Did pretty well, with no wipes on bosses until the opera.

Snowman_121707_000626 Two nights ago I participated in some of the Winter Veil activities on Fimlys.  I even managed to kill the Greench (although the reward was kinda lame).  I’ve been flying around on a reindeer for a while  🙂

Last night I was invited into a group to run the Daily Heroic which was Mana-Tombs.  This was great since I still need consortium rep (ooh, I think I need to go get my gems for Dec… bah).  We did a really good job. Most of the wipes were on the first boss and all the trash went down pretty easily I think. We even one-shot the end boss!  We were pretty amazed.  We concentrated our DPS on the apprentices when they popped out of the glowy thingies.  🙂  And just Dotted and spammed the boss between.  The group was:

Druid (Healer)
Me (Hunter)..

WoWScrnShot_121607_235910 Yes, we were pretty heavily DPS stacked.  Our healer is just full of awesomeness, by the way.  I think we are pretty comfortable only taking a single healer into almost any heroic if that healer is him. 🙂

Well, dunno what tonight will bring.  I’ll probably start with working on Fyra some more.  I am really enjoying playing the druid right now.  I think much more than my priest (even in shadow).  As a feral spec druid, I have almost no need to drink or eat.  Just kill, kill, kill. 

That’s about it for today… Hope the “holidays” aren’t gettin’ ya down!  Have fun out there!

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