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December 2007
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Well… I’ve not been playing much WoW.. Still..  The guild was supposed to do a 25 man on Friday… Didn’t happen.  Then Saturday… Didn’t happen.  On Saturday, we ran the daily heroic at least.  It was Steamvaults again.  Same group we brought in about a week ago.  It went pretty much the same.  It really doesn’t feel “heroic” any more.  But that is probably our experience and gear.. 🙂

I’ve still been playing Mass Effect and enjoying it immensely.  I have been working on all the side quests.. Wow, there are a lot of them.  I finished a couple of the main plot quests you get when you first leave the Citadel, but I’m waiting a bit.  I just got my “specialty” class.  I chose Commando.  I like having the tech stuff so I can open all the “chests” and such, but I wish I could train in some of the other weapons.  I find using the Sniper rifle pretty difficult, but maybe I’m just un-coordinated.

Other than that, I’m not doing much.  I’ve been playing Hellgate on and off still (new patch came out and another is on it’s way).  And also a few other games I have (Crysis, UT3, HL Ep 2).

Well, hopefully I’ll get back into wanting to level my Alts soon.. Probably need to finish Mass Effect first.. I keep hearing it call me when I am in the other room playing WoW.  🙂

I also hope to be giving updates more regularly.  Yeah, I’m getting a bit burnt out on the blogging thing.  Yeah, I’ll keep it up.  It would help if I could get some feedback on what you guys like.  I know you like the Hunter Macros since that is the most hit page on the blog ( > 5k hits ).  Hmm.. maybe I’ll work on my list of Addons again.. 🙂  Or not…

Well, good luck out there..

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