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December 2007
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Off Topic – Massive Effect

Ok.. waaaay off topic.. Well, not too far I guess.. It is still gaming..

Got Mass Effect last night… Had a hard time putting it down..  It is really good.. I’m not so good at combat, but I am really enjoying the game.  I’m sure I’ll get better at some point.  I have to agree with the sentiment that the squad member AI is a little odd though. 

I have been enjoying running around the Citadel (the big space station) doing quests and such.  I have only played the first planet you go to and then the Citadel so far.  I have been trying to do “everything” (well, almost).  I picked the combat/tech guy and so far am ok with it.  I wish I could use some other weapons than my pistol and sniper, but it is fun so far.  I had some issues with the “lock picking”.  Seems to be very picky about how quickly you hit the buttons.  Got the hang of it now though (I think/hope).

I played around 4 or so hours last night and look forward to spending many more exploring the universe.  The customized communication is amazing too.  You pick your background when you create your character and many of the conversations include information that comes from that background. I picked “sole survivor” and NPCs talk to me about that experience.  I also got to a point where I could get information in a couple of different ways and it was good that since I got it one way, the other avenue tells me that he can’t help me. 

As I said, I am very impressed.  The graphics are pretty good, although the faces are a bit odd sometimes.  I get a lot of dithering on facial shadows.  Anyone else see this? (anyone else who is reading this have Mass Effect?)

Well, I didn’t really play WoW last night.  Not sure I’m playing tonight either 🙂  If we are running SSC or Gruul this week, I’ll be there (The sacrifices I make for my guild!).  Zul’Aman I’ll participate in also if I can .   Not sure about Kara.  This is not my week anyway. 🙂

Well.. May be some WoW info on here at some point this week.. But maybe not.  🙂  I’ll try to do some more posts about cool stuff in Mass Effect if I remember.

Good luck out there.

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