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December 2007
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A First

WoWScrnShot_113007_220351 Weekend is over.  Time for another update of your favorite “what’s he been doin'” blog. 

Well.. I’m gonna gloss over the kara stuff.  Thursday:  Shade 3 shot, Prince 2 shot. ( I think.. or maybe the other way around )

Friday we did the unthinkable!! (Inconceivable) .. We (mythos) went into SSC!!!  It was awesome.. We ended up with 24 peeps and other than a couple of wipes at the first trash group (one started by my stupid pet) we did great.  We didn’t kill any bosses though.  WoWScrnShot_120107_005814 We skipped Hydross and cleared the trash around the Lurker area.  We headed down to confront the lurker and had our heads handed to us.. By that time it was pretty late and the raid was called for the night.  We had a great time though. 

It was working out pretty well, all in all.  I even picked up a new LW pattern (I won’t use it personally, but I can make it for others).  Some Marks dropped (for buying Flasks in Shat). We had 4 Hunters, up to 6 pallies (at one point), a few mages, etc..  No Shaman though.. We actually had a piece of Shaman gear drop and it had to be sharded!  Awwww….

ZulA_120207_002228 On to Saturday..  Saturday was Zul’Aman.  Our Raid leader was absent on Saturday (I still don’t know what happened) so we had a pretty late start.  We DID get 10 people together to make the run, but we couldn’t get the first boss down before he reset and we called it for the night.  We did pretty well on the trash.  I ended up kiting one of the bear riders for a bit before letting him run back for the off-tank to pick up. This can curse of weakness seemed to make them much easier.  We had some troubles keeping the tanks up for the boss fight though.  Ah well, maybe next time.

Fim_120107_210915 Didn’t play Sunday, I was playing Blue Dragon on the 360 :).. I really should be leveling Fhuun, but I’m kinda burned out on all that.  I enjoy playing with others and the Solo stuff doesn’t interest me anymore.  Ah well, at some point I’ll get him there.

Not sure what tonight will bring.  I might play more Blue Dragon. I might play WoW.  Depends on the mood. 🙂  Well, I’ve gotta get going.  Hope you have a good day.

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