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November 2007
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The Z.A.

On Friday, Mythos descended upon Zul’Aman.  Not only did we field one 10 man team, but we had 2!!!!  They were split up somewhat evenly between full kara’ed out epic raiders and peeps that had not had the opportunity to get much kara bling (if any, although some had good PVP gear).

Our group went in and killed us some trash.. We got up to the first boss “chase” and continued to die on the mounted trolls.  In the end, 2 of our number were having lag/connection issues and we had to scrap it.

The other group got the first boss down that first night and then the next, instead of Gruul’s lair (since we didn’t have enough to do that) they went back and gave the second boss a try (decided that they didn’t like him very much).

I would have joined them except that I was saved!  You don’t have to kill any bosses in ZA to get saved, just get the door to be opened I guess.  Very annoying.  Instead I spent some time working on Fhuun who I’ve now gotten to 45 finally..

I had him check out a few of the new quests in Dustwallow.  Most of them are higher level than him though. I have also been doing a few quests with my druid and rogue to get them to 35 so they can get the next level of their crafting skills. Of course, getting them past 300 requires I level them up even more! At least I generally like playing them 🙂

I also tried out one of the daily cooking quests with Fimlys and got the Kibbler’s Bits recipe.  This is pet food.  I really like it although for ME, I am still partial to Ravager Dogs as my food of choice.. (Or Warp Burgers).  Sooner or later I also want to make that new quiver.  A 24 slot quiver would be really nice to have.

Tonight is probably a quiet night.  I’d love to get a group together to go back into ZA and see what we can do, but it also might just be a night for Heroic Daily Quests. Good luck out there!