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November 2007
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Back in the Saddle

WoWScrnShot_111507_222253 Whew!  I’m back baby!

Got back into Kara last night and we had a good time.  The night before, the group pulled down Attumen, Moroes, Opera, Curator and Shade.  They got 9 Badges of Justice for their work (all 2s except for Attumen).

Last night, we took down Maiden, Chess (woot!), Netherspite, Prince, Illhoof and got 11 Badges.  Maiden gave 2, Chess 2, Netherspite 2, Prince 3 (!), and Illhoof 2. 

I had the unfortunate position of wiping the raid before we started maiden by accidentally pulling her.  And, to top it all off…. I didn’t die!  I guess life just isn’t fair.

Netherspite gave us some hassles to begin with because we were having some issues with our main tank’s lag.  We moved up to Chess and took it out and then went back to keel him!

WoWScrnShot_111607_010644 We then moved up to the Prince and took him down on the second try.  First try we had some really awful infernal placement.  Second try, it was much better.  I am really liking the changes made to Hunter (other than the no can trap 2 mobs at the same time anymore!!!! BAH!)

After Prince, we moved back down to Illhoof and after a couple unsuccessful attempts (first try our lock was chained and went down within a minute of starting), we brought him down.

Tonight we (we being the guild) are heading into Zul’Aman.  Because of this (not assuming I would be going I guess) I got help to be summoned to the stone there and picked up the new flight point also.  I park Fimlys there for now and we’ll see how things go tonight.

WoWScrnShot_111607_010739 But I so far am enjoying the 2.3 changes in general.  The new ammo is wonderful and I love being able to pick it up in Shat instead of having to run all over creation to pick it up. That’s it for today! Anyone head into Zul’Aman yet?  What do you think?  Let me know!

Later Dudes (and Dudettes).

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