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November 2007
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Heroic – a – Day

So… I’m enjoying 2.3  (Ahh!  I said it again!)

I picked up some of the new Leatherworking recipes (the bags, quivers, ammo bags, drums [not new, but purchasable now]).  Played with some of the changes to the Hunter shots and such. 

Also logged into my Rogue (who was 25.. and is now 26) and investigated the increased XP for quests and decreased requirements.  So far, so good.

In the end, I joined up with a guild run for the Daily Heroic Instance Quest.  Get 24g,60s and 2 badges of justice for running Ramps (that was yesterday’s quest anyway).  Things went well and I think we only died 5 or 6 times maybe… 🙂

Omor went down much easier than I expected… They also fixed the end boss in Ramps so that you get a Badge from him now!  Woot! 

Other than that it was a quiet night.  Tonight is Kara start night, but I will not be around until late, so I will probably not join.  Friday I think we are going to give a try on Zul’Aman!  I’m looking forward to that if I can make it (and if I am invited).

Also played around with the Guild Bank.  Put some stuff into there to get it out of my bags 🙂  Some stuff I think people will want at least (I didn’t just put trash, that isn’t very nice).. And also donated some cash 🙂

Well.. That’s it .. Hope you are enjoying 2.3.  Give me some feedback and let me know what you think!  Not just Pil! 🙂 (I appreciate your dedication to commenting on my blog Pil.. It means a lot to me 🙂 )


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