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November 2007
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Insert Pun-Filled Title Here

WoWScrnShot_103107_215704 Ok.. 2 Days worth, eh?   Well, Wednesday is “Start Kara” day.. 🙂  We had a very interesting group in the beginning.. No Paladins, No Warlocks!… 2 Hunters, 2 Priests, 2 Druids, 2 Warriors, 2 Mages. I think… (Hope you had a good Halloween, btw)

We traded out a priest for a paladin after Attumen.  Of course, Attumen went down pretty easy… I think the only reason we bother most of the time is to get to the repairman.. Although when we have new people in, I guess it is good practice.  Moroes wasn’t so bad, I think we only had to reset once.  (or maybe twice).  And then Maiden went down first try (hard to believe how hard we found that at one point).  I was getting pretty tired by this point and decided to bow out for the night.. From what I understand, they got to the Opera event (Romulous/Julienne) but did not complete it.

WoWScrnShot_110107_220421 Last night… First up.. Opera.. Easy as pie, 1st try! We then moved on to the Curator.  Wiped once, we just couldn’t keep up with the adds for some reason.  Also, without warlocks there was no big BOOM on him during evocations.  Second try, we took him down.  Made our way up to the Shade and, again, we wiped once, but took him down the second try.  Our new strategy that seems to be working great is to just interrupt the arcane bolts and let him use up his mana quick.  Then the polymorph happens WAY before we get the elementals.  Once that is over, we get to the elementals, get them down and take him down.  I died when the elementals showed up because I got caught in a blizzard! Bah!

Took him down though and then moved on to chess.. It was somewhat late by the time we got chess done, so the decision was to hold off on any more bosses until Friday.

WoWScrnShot_110207_004233 I guess it will be Prince and/or Netherspite tonight.  I’m hoping for Prince first and just skipping Netherspite.. But, that’s me.  The Prince drops a ring that I would really like to get.  Otherwise, there really isn’t anything that drops in Kara that I’m looking for anymore.  I am SOOO looking forward to Gruul on Saturday.  I am hoping we can make some real progress.

On a side note, I got my copy of Hellgate: London in the mail on Tuesday (30th).  I played in the Beta and I think it is a pretty good game.  I didn’t get too far (WoW got in the way), but I can see playing it for a while.  I am only level 6 now (played a bit last night before WoW) and am playing a Marksman (surprise, surprise).  Looks like without subscribing you get 3 character slots (i don’t know if that is per server or not).  Not sure at this point if Subscription to that is in my future.  I am eligible for the “lifetime” subscription, but we’ll have to see how much I play and enjoy it before I commit to that.

Anyone else out there playing Hellgate yet?  What do you think?  I’m hoping it gets more in-depth as it progresses, because I am doing the same quests I did in the beta right now 🙂  The Halloween event is kinda silly, but maybe I am comparing it to WoW’s events and that probably isn’t fair. 

Good luck out there!  I’ll (possibly) post tomorrow. 🙂