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October 2007
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I’m baaaack.

ToMC_102807_230001 Heya!  I’m back.. Ready for a vacation from my vacation!

Didn’t spend much time playing last night.  We seemed to be having issues with our network connection again.  Had a couple of Pallies take me to get attuned to MC.  WHAT YOU SAY?  Yeah, I wasn’t attuned to MC.  I didn’t turn 60 until after BC.  I’ve been playing WoW since it came out, but I took a little break for a while around level 58.. I just lost interest and the push to 60 didn’t seem really worth it at the time. 

So, since Mythos is doing a fun MC run on Tuesday night, I needed to get attuned. Not only was it a piece of cake (understandably), but we also went into MC and took down the first 2 mobs with only:  1 Tanking pally, 1 Healing pally, me (Hunter and Pet).  And I got an epic!  Cenarion Belt dropped and i won the roll.. Of course, it is a druid drop, but I can either sell it or maybe I’ll save it for my druid when she gets to lvl 60.. Dunno..

MC_102807_231712 Tonight might be a slow night for me again.. Have to see.. I’m getting burned out a bit on my alts.. Maybe the thought of leveling being faster after 2.3 makes me want to wait. 🙂

Ah well.. Tuesday is the MC run, Wed starts Kara and I think Sat we are taking a run at Gruul..  Sounds like a packed week.  I don’t know about timing on Wed, or even if they will need me for that first day. We’ll have to see.

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