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October 2007
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Great Helm, Batman!

FimHelm_102107_164018 Weekend over!  Aww..  Well, mythos didn’t do so hot in Kara on Thurs/Fri but we made up for it on Saturday.  We took down the Shade in one try on Saturday (finally) and got the Prince down (many tries… 🙁 ).  Then went to Netherspite and after another few tries, he succumbed to the beat-down.

And guess what!  A pretty nice helm for a hunter dropped from Shade.. Uh, what was it?  I don’t remember.. Why don’t I remember this wonderful helm?  Well!!!!  The prince dropped the hunter t4 helm token!!  I won it!  (Actually I think i was the only one who rolled).  So now I’m sportin’ the gloves and helm.   Of course, I am now down to 1 piece of beast lord.  I remember all the trouble I went to get this stuff.. Sad.. so sad….

DemonStalkerHelm I still am using the chest piece from Beast Lord.  All the rest has been replaced.  I switched to a +AGI meta gem from the +AP.  I had a decent amount more AP from the new helm as it was, so I switched it out for the extra armor and crit.

Last night I wasn’t on for very long, however Fhuun did join a guild group (Kezz, Bligh [playing his mage at lvl 43] and 1 other) to kill the last boss in Zul’Farrak.  It was lots of fun since Kezz was “tanking”/”killing”.. I got a chance to heal!!! Isn’t that great? I really think it is.  Of course, it wasn’t as necessary as it might have been, but some of those elites pack a big wallop.

That’s it.. Tonight we might try Illhoof and Nightbane if we have enough peeps on.  We are still looking into getting the 25 necessary for some Gruul action!.. 🙂

See you guys later.

Fim.. Out..

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