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October 2007
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Layin da Smackdown

Hatchling_101707_232704 Ah, Kara. How we love thee.. (blech)..  Well, last night we were all pretty happy with our 10-man raiding prowess.  We started a bit later than we wanted to, but screamed through the bosses like there was no tomorrow.

We had a few D/C issues around Moroes, but got through them and the bosses were like Swiss cheese. 🙂 (Note to self: turn off BitTorrent downloads of Fedora Core 7 when raiding…)

Attumen…. Dead (1 Shot).

Moroes…. Dead (1 Shot).

Opera (Big Bad Wolf!) …  Dead (1 SHOT!!!! I think this is a first for us)

Maiden… Dead (1 Shot).

Kenny_101707_220205 Curator… Yes.. We did curator on our first night!  We mowed through those bosses so quickly we had time to mosey our way on up to the Curator and open up our own brand of boss-killin’ whoop-a$$….  DEAD!!!  (.. 2 shot [aww])..  For some reason we were having issues with placement and taking down the flares.. Got much better on the second try..

Nightbane…  Uh huh.. decided one last boss .. we were on a roll!  No trash to get to Nightbane so we went down and gave it a go.  I don’t think we were the right party makeup for that fight.  We made it to the first aerial phase but lost too many to the skellies and AOEs.  I got the misdirect off on the landing, but the tank went down lickety-split and then it was over…  NOT DEAD… (well, we were, but not the dragon).. 

Curator_101807_005854 We decided to call it a night after that which was fine with me.  It was getting late.  I’m glad we got as far as we did.  It was really very exciting.. Oh!  Attumen dropped his fiery warhorse rare drop again!  2nd in the guild!  I was 1… 1!!!!   roll point away from taking home a new steed.. ah well, maybe next time.

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