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October 2007
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Sleep is For the Week

Fyra_101407_202515 Another weekend gone.. A little WoW. A little TF2.  A little PGR4. Busy, busy.

I got Fyra up to level 32.  3 more levels until I can get her next level of Alchemy.  I have a TON of mats since Fhuun is a Herbalist and has been leveling that up.  I keep sending Fyra the herbs but I’m waiting until the skill-up to make any more potions unless I need to.

Fhuun is doing pretty well, he is getting close to 43.. Those odd number levels seem the hardest since you don’t get anything for them in terms of new/upgraded skills.

Ghost_101407_222140 On Sunday we took out the “wee ones”.  Fraank, Jordey and Saams have moved on to Astranaar.  Lots of quests to work on and we went over to do the ones on Zoram Strand.  After killing about 100 Nagas, we got all the heads we needed and went back to turn in the quest.  I realized I had not gotten the flight point at the town you arrive at when you leave the Exodar area.  So, I hearthed there (I did set my HS there.. Amazing) and picked it up.  As a Warrior, Frannk has a quest to go to lakeshire and so I asked Kezz to port me over to stormwind.  Now I have to run my way over to lakeshire and get this quest done..

That’s about it.  Not sure what is on tap for tonight.  This week is my kara week, but that doesn’t start until Wednesday.  I am really enjoying playing Fyra again.  Getting into the whole Shapeshifting stuff. 

I’m still diggin’ the 2.3 changes.  Lets hope it rolls out on the “soon” side.  Of course, without bugs would be great.

Ok.. I’m outta here.. Happy Hunting.