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October 2007
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PTR 2.3 – I Hunger

Whoo!  2.3 Should be on the Test Realms soon (if they aren’t already there).  Posted in the normal place ( http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/test-realm-patchnotes.html ) are the patch notes.

Some interesting stuff that we didn’t know already:


  • Greatly increased the radius of the Drums of Battle, Drums of Restoration, Drums of Speed, and Drums of War.
  • Removed the casting time from the Drums of Battle, Drums of Restoration, Drums of Speed, and Drums of War.
  • New Glove permanent armor kits for +armor
  • New recipes are available from Grand Master leatherworking trainers to make 20 slot quivers and ammo pouches.
  • New recipes are available from the Honor Hold, Thrallmar, and Lower City quartermasters to create 24 slot quivers and ammo pouches.
  • Drums of Speed and Drums of Restoration are no longer world drop recipes, and can now be obtained from the Mag’har and Kurenai faction vendors with revered standing.

Other Stuff

  • Ogri’la Faction Vendor: This vendor now sells potions useable anywhere for a large number of Apexis Shards.
  • Lockboxes will now display the numerical lockpicking skill required to open them.
  • All old world dungeons have had their loot revisited. Players will now find that all loot dropped inside instances will be of Superior quality.
  • Players can now track fishing nodes. This ability is learned from a journal sometimes found in crates obtained through fishing.
  • Engineers can now create incredible new flying machines! Find Niobe Whizzlespark in Shadowmoon Valley to learn these fantastic new plans.
  • Plans for a new Field Repair Bot are rumored to belong to a select few Gan’arg Analyzers in Blade’s Edge Mountains.
  • Duration of wizard and mana oils created by enchanters has been increased.
  • Vendor Discounts: All vendors with an associate faction now give discounts at all levels above neutral.

    • Friendly: 5% discount
    • Honored: 10% discount
    • Revered: 15% discount
    • Exalted: 20% discount
  • A new flight path has been added to the Rebel Camp in northern Stranglethorn Vale.

Well.. there are soooo many more.. Go check out the patch notes above.  I’m really looking forward to this patch.  Only thing I am not looking forward to, as usual, is the expected breakage of addons.. Hopefully addon makers will have time to create 2.3 compatible addons using the test realm before it goes to production.

If anyone goes and checks out the test realms, let me know.  I want to know what you think of this stuff and what to expect..