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October 2007
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Go Go Phoenix Bow

Lock_100507_215625 Yep, another weekend without posts..  Sorry about that.  I keep thinking about it, but then other things come up. 

Well!  How was your weekend?  Any good drops?  Any new news or cool occurrences to share?

I do! :)  I figure you knew I was going to say that.  Finally.. Finally.. Finally.. My Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix dropped.  I was soooo happy.  Actually, so were the other raiders since that means:

  1. No more loud gun in their ears while fighting.
  2. No more me wishing (wishing, wishing) for Big Bad Wolf opera event to drop the wolf gun (although I still would take it if it dropped). 

I think we are all getting tired of that opera event, so when I say I want it to be BBW, everyone groans.  No more!  Bring on R&J.. Bring on Oz!  I’m ready, willing and bow-able. 🙂



Above is a comparison from my Musket to the Bow.  I have not "scoped" the bow yet. I’m still debating the insane mat requirements for the +crit scope.  I might just pick up a +10 or +12 damage scope for now until I am willing to part with a significant chunk of change for a "relatively small" crit bonus.


Above is my char sheet with DPS after picking up my arrows from Cenarion Expedition.  This includes Trueshot and Aspect of the Hawk. I have been enjoying the changes to AotV since 2.2.  I notice that I can hang around mid-point in mana on long boss fights if I don’t go "crazy".  I also like that I can start the fight with Hawk and then move to Viper later when my mana drops a little to pick up the higher rate.

Over the weekend, we again cleared Kara up to Nightbane.  Nightbane gave us a few issues mainly due to our Main Tank disconnecting a couple of times when we were "in our groove".  I am getting better at the redirect on landing business and we had him down below 25% at least once [no more aerial phases!]. 

Draenei_100707_234114 Last night Pil, Kezz and I spent time on our Draenei alts.  I’m up to level 19 already.  I have to say that it is much more fun leveling an alt when you have others to join you on your adventures.  Also, obviously, much easier.  Frannk (my alt) is a Warrior and the others are a Shaman and a Priest so it is nice having multiple healers to keep me up while I learn what all the buttons are for (and how to conserve/generate rage). I now have a 19 Warrior, 25 Rogue, 30 Druid, 42 Priest, 70 Hunter.  :)  And those are just the alts I play regularly. I also have a Paladin, a Mage, a Warlock and a Shaman that I don’t really play much.. They are all < lvl 20 though. 

My 25 Rogue is my bank alt, enchanter and tailor.  My 30 Druid is a Alchemist (I might add another crafting job to her since…). My 42 Priest is my gatherer (Herbalism/Mining).  So far, Frannk is Enchanting/Skinning.  I figured with all the greens you get in the Draenei starting area, having the ability to disenchant your own stuff (and enchant it too) is a boon.  I may look at the possibility of having more of my alts enchanters.. 

PrinceBow1_100607_223815 That’s about it.  I’m still on a high that I finally got my bow.  I think we are going back in tonight to try to get Nightbane down before the reset and then this week is not my Kara week so I will probably be working on alts (or Half-Life 2 – Orange box!!! )..  I’ll see you on the flip-side.

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