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October 2007
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More Kara Than You Can Shake A Stick At

WoWScrnShot_100507_004335 Back into Kara for another fun-filled night of raiding!  Wooo!  Next up?  Curator.  Probably, along with the Shade one of the more stressful encounters here.  The biggest thing is getting those adds down asap.  To that end, our Raid leader decided to try using just 2 healers (Paladin and Druid) for the fight and stacking up more DPS.  We ran with 2 Druids (one was tanking), 2 Mages, 1 Warlock, 1 Shadow Priest, 1 Hunter, 2 Paladins (one was tanking) and a Rogue.

We wiped a couple of times (once when he was already down below 15%.. lost the tanks) but took him down without much effort at the last.

Moving on to clearing to the Shade, we lost our Druid tank to internet woes.  We picked up another warrior but he had to leave a couple minutes later (forgot it was a school night..).  We ended up starting to clear with only 9 since we really didn’t need 2 tanks for that portion.  When we made it to the ramp up we picked up another Paladin (although this one was a healer too).

UglyStick_100507_004135 Worked out fine though because we went in and one-shot the Shade and then moved on down to Illhoof (figuring, worth a shot!) and took him down in one try also.  We were actually pretty amazed because I think it was the first time we did that with Illhoof (we had switched out our shadow priest for his Warrior to tank the demon dude).

All in all, it was a pretty cool night. Lots of bosses down. No hunter loot, but I’m not sure there is all that much I need.  I’m looking forward to the Prince tonight so maybe I can get the bow or the helm token or I think there is a really good ring he drops too.. :)  We’ll see..

Have a good one, y’all.