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October 2007
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May The Quartz Be With You

Karine_100307_232835 Last night we mosied on in to Karazhan again.  It was my week and since we didn’t have many takers for the first part of the run, I helped out..  We took down the first 3 lickety-split and then moved on to the Opera.  It was, as per my wish, Big Bad Wolf (Still want that gun!).  Took us about 3 wipes, but we got him down in the end.  No gun!! I did get his paw though.. I now have 3 epic 1-handers and Legacy from Karazhan.. I think I’m almost completely looted up from there.

On a side note, this was posted in our Guild forums and it is from a post on the main forums.  I thought you would find it interesting.. FYI, I believe the Quartz Casting bar is an ACE mod.



I’ve heard of these "stopcasting" macros, but how would I use one outside of Counterspell? Enlighten me please, I want to improve my DPS. Right now all I do is scorch, fireball, and the occasional fire blast if I have the mana and a fight phase is about to end.

Get Quartz casting bar, it shows u a little red bar that indicates ur lag, when the cast time gets into the red, u have essentially finished ur cast, however due to lag, it appears you haven’t. By using a stopcasting macro to stop the spellcast when in the red, it launches the spell right when it finishes casting, increasing ur dps by reducing your downtime.

Alright. I may screw up some specific details of the mechanics involved here but the "what you do" explanation will be accurate:

The cast animation for your spells is shown client-side. The actual spellcast calculations, damage, etc. takes place server-side. When the server gets the request for the spell to be cast, it starts casting server-side immediately. The client, on the other hand, has a delay while it waits for a response from the server to your spellcast.


So, on each spell, after the spell is done casting on the server, you have to wait for the server to send information to your client before you can start the next cast. The wait time is equal to your latency.

If you get a casting bar like Quartz, it will show your latency as a portion of your spell’s cast time and highlight that portion of the cast bar. Inside this shaded portion of the cast bar, the spell hasn’t cast client-side, but has finished casting server-side. This is where the stopcast macro comes in.

By using a macro such as:
#showtooltip Shadow Bolt (<— look’n’feel stuff, not necessary)
#show Shadow Bolt (<— look’n’feel stuff, not necessary)
/cast Shadow Bolt


And pressing the button you have it keyed to every time the cast bar is within the shaded area, you will terminate the cast client-side and send a request to the server to start a new spellcast. The server, on the other hand, has already finished casting your spell, so you’ll see the spell you just "cancelled" client-side go off, and begin a new cast.

If you’re regularly over 200ms latency or so, your DPS can benefit a great deal from this macro, because (for example), on a 2.5 second cast, you’re losing almost 10% of what could be spellcasting time to latency.


If you’re used to just mashing a button over and over to cast spells, this will take some getting used to, as if you hit the button too early, it will simply cancel your current cast and start a new one without the current cast firing. With a little adaptation, though, it will boost your DPS considerably.

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