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October 2007
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FhuunElekk_092907_012544 Ah, here there be Elephants!  Fhuun made it to 40 on Friday and I went straightaway back to the Exodar (I think it took me 30 minutes to get there) to pick up my shiny new Brown Elekk.  It is very exciting to have a mount.  I forgot that moment although I guess picking up the flying mount for Fimlys was somewhat similar. Also really liking Shadowform!  Of course it is a pain to remove disease and heal myself, but the damage increase seems to be worth it (and the damage decrease on me).

Fhuun is now almost up to 41.  Woot!

Some more 2.3 stuff I saw on MMO-Champion that has me happy-happy:

  • All items of the auction house will be sorted server side, basically it means that when you’ll try to sort a particular item by price, it will sort it through all page, not only the current one.
  • Level 20-60 Quest EXP has been increased, while EXP to Level has been decreased (Source)
  • New daily quests are available in the Lower City for 5 man heroic and non-heroic dungeons (Once at a time, a bit like battlegroundw weekends, each day you will get quests for a different dungeons). The following non-heroic dungeons are concerned : Shattered Halls, Steamvault, Shadow Labyrinth, Black Morass, Botanica, Mechanar, and Arcatraz. All dungeons will get quests in Heroic mode. If you’re getting the non-heroic and the heroic quest on the same day for the same dungeon, you can complete both by running it in heroic mode once. Non heroic quests will reward you with a Ethereum Prison Key (various reputation), gold, and reputation with the Consortium. Heroic quests will give you 2 Badges of Justice, gold, and reputation with the Consortium.
  • Heroic Badges drop from Zul’aman and Karazhan bosses.
  • The amount of items available from the Heroic Badges vendor has been considerably increased.
  • Zul’Aman will be on a quicker reset than 7 days (some might call this "casual")
  • Zul’Aman will be MORE difficult than Karazhan and drop better loot
  • You can buy now buy Super Mana and Health Potions from Ogri’la quartermaster. They’re usable everywhere and costs 50 Apexis Shard.
  • Mailboxes are upgraded to handle up to 12 items per mail. (Source)
  • +Healing bonus will give 33% of spell damage as well (1500 Healing bonus will give you 500 Spell damage) (Source)

FhuunShadowform_092907_010252 Of course, these are not hunter specific but all full of goodness anyway.. 🙂

I know some healers out there that will be happy about the +spell damage from healing gear.. Making them more viable for questing and still using the same gear for healing.

Those Instance daily quests look pretty cool too and, of course, the MOST interesting piece is the 20-60 Quest XP increased, which XP to level decreased.  The sooner that can get out, the better.. :)  I really want to get Fhuun up to Outlands asap and Fyra (my Druid) and Freez (my rogue) up to 35 to get the next level of their crafting skills. 

This weekend I was out of town so I didn’t get to play much. The internet connection in the hotel room was pretty bad.  I played a bit last night working on Fhuun and also did some Ogri’la daily quests with Fimlys.

WoWScrnShot_092807_213857 That’s about it.  I think the Guild is trying Nightbane again tonight.  Hopefully they can take him down and we can officially say we can "clear" Karazhan.  I’m hoping we can figure out a way to get enough people to go try Gruul’s Lair again.  We tried it once as a guild but unfortunately we have lost quite a few people since then.

Well, that’s it for me. Keep it real virtual.

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