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September 2007
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Lazy is Me

Elekk2_092307_224217 Oh my goodness!  I’ve been really lazy.  2.2 is out and what do I do?  No Blog post!!  I don’t think I even have any new screenshots to post.. I might have to put up some old ones..

I really haven’t been doing much though. I got my priest up to 39+.  I’m ready to get my mount! Of course, that won’t REALLY solve my leveling slowness, I think.. Get shadowform at 40 .. Excited about that!

Played a bit of Halo 3 single player. I think the graphics are pretty darn good.  I am kinda sucky at FPS on consoles.. I have issues with using the controller to look around and aim.  Some day I’ll get used to it I guess..  I’m best at just running up and clocking everything. 🙂

I’ve played a few hours now and I definitely am enjoying myself.  I need to get in and try multiplayer I guess.. I’m sure I’ll have my head handed to me.  Played a little more Team Fortress 2 (ok, a lot more).  It is one of those "One more round, just one more round and I’ll go to sleep, I swear" type of games.

That’s about it for the last couple of days.  Guild went into Kara last night.  Lots of new faces and some alts of old faces (I guess those are still new faces.. kinda).  Not sure how they did as I logged out a little early to play Halo 3.

By the way, what do you guys think of 2.2?   Anyone have any issues with the changes?  Enjoying the new crafting recipes?  I haven’t gone to get the new LW ones.. OH!  I finally did get to 375 LW… I’m pretty amazed that I actually made it.  Now to get into SSC and Eye to get some of those nice recipes… Eh, that will take a while!

I’ll talk to you guys later!  Peas.