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Patch 2.2 – Hunter Info

DeadFim_092207_224545 While other blogs and such have this information, I figured I would copy it here for any other hunters that come along.

I pulled this from Mania’s Arcania .  Thanks for the info.. (Even left in the pet info links that were put in…)


  • Voice chat, plus a new chat channel UI.
  • The Mac client can now capture in-game video to QuickTime movie files.
  • AFK debuff in battlegrounds.
Hunter & Pet Items:


  • Pets are now affected by Paladin greater blessings.
  • Kill Triggered Effects: Effects that trigger from killing your target will no longer trigger from killing your pet.
  • Cyclone: Paladin Auras, Trueshot Aura, and Aspect of the Pack will now be automatically reactivated when Cyclone wears off of a victim who had one of the abilities active.


  • Aspect of the Cheetah: This ability will now cause Hunters to become dazed when struck while sitting.
  • Aspect of the Pack: This ability will now cause party members to become dazed when struck while sitting.
  • Aspect of the Viper: This ability has received a slight redesign. The amount of mana regained will increase as the Hunter’s percentage of mana remaining decreases. At about 60% mana, it is equivalent to the previous version of Aspect of the Viper. Below that margin, it is better (up to twice as much mana as the old version); while above that margin, it will be less effective. The mana regained never drops below 10% of intellect every 5 sec. or goes above 50% of intellect every 5 sec.
  • Freezing Trap and Scare Beast duration against PvP targets has been reduced to 10 seconds.
  • Hunter’s Mark: The duration remaining graphic will now display properly for Hunter’s Mark after it has been refreshed on a target, and will properly consume mana when recasting it to refresh its duration.
  • Kill Command will not charge the hunter mana if their pet is on passive.
  • Kill Command no longer affects the Hunter’s current target.
  • Misdirection: Items used while Misdirection is active will now consume a charge correctly.
  • Steady Shot: The tooltip stating the percentage of Attack Power gained by Steady Shot was inaccurate and has been corrected. The damage remains unchanged.
  • Volley: This spell is now affected by area damage caps. Its bonus damage coefficients have also been increased. It also correctly consumes charges of Misdirection.
  • Hunter Pets
    • Raptors can now learn Dash.


  • Formula: Enchant Gloves – Superior Agility: This enchanting recipe is now available from the Keepers of Time Quartermaster. The reagents required have been adjusted to match the level 70 content.
  • Formula: Enchant Weapon – Greater Agility: This enchanting recipe is now available from the Violet Eye vendor.
  • Leggings of Beast Mastery: The stamina and armor granted by this item for your pet have been increased.
  • Rift Stalker Armor: The pet healing set bonus now heals for a percentage of damage dealt by the Hunter.
  • Trappings of the Unseen Path Set: The buff on your pet from this set bonus will no longer appear to be constantly running out and refreshing.

World Environment:

  • Arcane Missiles: When cast by creatures, this spell will now properly cause activation of pets set to defensive mode.
  • Skettis Windwalker: The Cyclone effect from this creature can now be cleared by PvP trinkets and Bestial Wrath/The Beast Within.
  • Void Reaver: The Arcane Orb ability used by this creature will now correctly Daze players affected by Aspect of the Pack or Aspect of the Cheetah.

Bug Fixes

  • Pets will no longer chase players that Vanish.
  • Pets no longer follow enemies after being revived.

In addition, we also know from the Public Test Realm that there are at least a few other important hunter pet changes:

  • Nethermine Ravagers can now be tamed.
  • Scorpid Poison Rank 5 has changed slightly, and Scorpid Poison in general now benefits from the hunter’s Ranged Attack Power at a much lower scale.
  • Dismiss taming, in which you could merely dismiss a current pet to tame a new one instead of abandoning it, no longer functions.