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September 2007
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Tier Eh

DemonStalkerGauntlets Friday night, went back into Kara and knocked down the Curator in 1 try. Of course we had tried a few times on Thursday.. Does it still count as “1 shot”?  The hunter tier 4 glove token dropped.. Go me!

Moving onto the Shade of Aran…  One Shot!!  Took him down without a hitch.  We’re getting pretty good at that one.  Many people took a dirt nap, but we made it through.

Then went to the Chess Event.  No problems there.  Nothing that I was interested in dropped. Then  the Prince. After a few false starts, we used our normal strategy and took him down.   

Moved on to Netherspite…  had some new folk .. Died a few times until respawn at 2am 🙂

FYI, On the screens of the gear, I didn’t necessarily take them showing the stat changes.. The ones that are +0 are when I had them ON me .. 🙂

SkulkersGreaves1 Next night.. Netherspite again… Finally got him down.. Got Skulker’s Greaves.. Hmm.. with gems is better than beast lord..  I have to make another Nethercobra Leg Armor though..

Those things are expensive to make, but I like +50 AP and +10 Crit (I think those are the stats).  The screenshot is pre nethercobra (which I did make on Sunday [happened to have a primal nether sitting around]) but after gems.

On a side note, one of our regular Raiders (Rogue, Druid) is back from vacation.  Stopitnow (Rogue) is back and stuff just seems to die faster :).

GirdleProwlerLaid the smackdown on Illhoof.. Took a while.  That is a  pretty expensive fight.  There was lots of deaths.. But, in the end, we were victorious and I picked up another goodie (this is a good week for me.. even without BBW Gun and Prince Bow dropping). 

Girdle of the Prowler dropped, which I think is the only thing that I wanted from him.  Very cool..

On to Nightbane.. Woot!

No luck on Nightbane.. After a few tries, we got up to the second takeoff, but got wiped after that.  Just have to run it a few more times and I think we’ll get the hang of it.  Seems mostly to be another “learn the fight” encounter and we should be able to completely clear Kara..  I think we might go back Monday and give him another go around.

Nightbane_092307_010921 Sunday I spent some time cleaning out my bank toon a little.  I sold a Tailoring pattern (good for PVP) to a guildie for around 200g.  That gave me the funds to buy my 7 Primal Air I needed for the Nethercobra Leg Armor.  Woot!  Also put a ton of other crap on auction.   Kezz, Pil and I then logged our little Draenei toons (level 12/13) and started working on quests there.  After we all made it to 13, we called it a night.  It is pretty fun being with others leveling.  Historically, I’ve done it solo.  Much more interesting and a lot less deaths :).  I think it will be even better as we get to higher levels.  Some of the quests can be done at lower levels if you have multiple people. 

My priest is almost to 39.  He is getting close.  I ran him to Feathermoon the other day just to get the flight point.  I need to find a place to do a whole bunch of quests at a time without a lot of running around.  I don’t have time for that!  Well, when I hit 40, at least I will get a mount!

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