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September 2007
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Raining Again

Karine Ahh.. Kara. How we love thee.. Let me count the ways… Uh.. Hmmm…. Uh… Well, can’t really think of any.. The thing I like about going on our Guild Kara runs is the company. I like the people in our guild (generally all of them….. Well… 🙂 ). But, in reality, I do enjoy the evenings we go. Last night was no exception. We got started a bit late since many of the “regulars” were not around and neither were many attuned players. We were waiting on a healer or tank when one of our tanks logged in. Woot! [the_author]

Group consisted of… 3… Count them! 3!!! Hunters.. (Myself included, of course), 1 Paladin, 2 Warriors, 1 Druid (Karine [kezz]), 1 Priest (Pil), 1 Rogue, 1 Warlock. Interesting combination, no? Well, it seemed to work okay.

WoWScrnShot_091907_215115 We had 1 wipe on Attumen. For some reason he liked coming and smacking the Druid around as soon as he showed up. Right before I get the misdirect off.. Argh! First time it wiped us (well, all but 2 of the hunters). Second time, we survived and the remaining 2 healers were able to keep up the Tanks and all was fine and dandy in the world. Hunter bracers dropped.. And were sharded.. Sad when there are 3 hunters and none want. 2 had, 1 had the PvP Bracers.

Moving on to Moroes… We were going to kill 1 add and keep freezing the others while burning down Moroes. We ran out on the first try when we lost 2 of the healers pretty early on. We came back in and took him down on the next one. The strategy worked okay. I successfully kept my target Frozen throughout the entire fight. Pil got in some shackles on the other ones, but generally we did pretty well. No hunter gear this time.. (not that I need any from him anyway).

WoWScrnShot_092007_001711 Next, even though it was getting late… The Maiden. Things seemed to go badly in this encounter. 2 of the Hunters went down pretty quick (neither was me). I guess we had issues with the “de-magic”ers being in range of those with the fiery thingy that she does.. (Brain is going… bye bye. I think in the end it was the 2 tanks, 2 healers (pal and pri) and me. She went down though! Yes she did…. Hunter gloves dropped (Quickening).. So sad!!!! No hunters wanted.. 2 hunters had, 1 had PvP (sound familiar). We did 1 shot her though.. that made me happy.

After that, we went our separate ways and I went to go play Team Fortress 2 🙂

Tonight, more Kara including Opera and Curator (hopefully). Dat’s it for now.