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September 2007
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Lovely Night for Dancing

WoWScrnShot_091807_233730Hey there! Fancy meeting you here.

Well.  This week did not give us patch 2.2.  I hear that supposedly Blizzard has upgraded the version of the sound “drivers” they use within WoW and this testing/tweaking/fixing is what is causing some of the delays in the release.  As much as I am ready for 2.2 to be released, I would prefer it have as few bugs as possible (unless they are in my favor).  I am currently not in favor of computer rebooting bugs.. They are my least favorite (tied with computer lock-up bugs). 

Last night we meandered on down into Shattered Halls (no, not heroic).  It was an ALT run.. Well, ALT run for everyone but me… My alt (highest one) is still only 38.. Getting there though.  I’m hoping I can figure out a way to speed up my leveling.

Fimkenny 2007-09-18 22-25-48-38Team Fortress 2 is NOT HELPING!  It is taking up a great deal of time I might otherwise play WoW and level my Priestie… Ah well.. 🙂

We also haven’t gone back to our little Draenei since that first night.  Kara run starts tonight and while it is my week, we try to get some of the newer members face time with the first few bosses every week.  But, depending on whom is around, I may be on the list.  If not, I might play TF2… 🙂   Or maybe work on leveling Fhuun.  I really like when I get to group with other guildies to work on the quests and such.  It makes it much more fun and the time goes by much faster (seemingly).  Obviously it is even better when we have a nice lvl 70 to help guide us (and , ahem, kill stuff, ahem). I have quite a few quests in STV still but they are all > 40 and orange to me right now.  Maybe I’ll look at my quest list again and decide on an area to work on to start clearing stuff out. 

Fhuun_091807_002059 I’d like to go run an instance with Fhuun, but I abhor PUGs…  I would end up being required to heal and I’d prefer to learn to do that in a guild group.  Since I’m specced shadow, I might have to respec to try that out.. Not sure I want to bother though.  I can heal okay with shadow spec, I just have to drink a lot :).  I know we have a few 35-38 alts in the guild right now so maybe we can set up a run into some instance (when we aren’t busy with kara). 

Last week I decided to swap out my +AGI enchant on my Legacy and get the “Savagery” enchant (+70 AP I think).  My unbuffed (completely) DPS is now > 300.  And this is without BM speedup talents or area damage bonuses.

I think our 5v5 arena team forgot we needed to run this week for our points… 🙁   Well, hopefully we’ll have time this week so we can get our points on!  We also need practice since we haven’t really won too many matches.. I actually found the arena battles pretty fun and can’t wait to get back in there.

Ok… I’m done.. Busy night ahead of me.  I’ll talk to you all later! Peace.