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September 2007
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Nether Again…

TraeEpcot Ah! Wednesday, eh? Guild Kara run starts on Wednesday. Not my week. 

No big deal.  I did a bit of farming for Consortium Rep (I think this is going to take forever) and flew Fhuun around a little to get him into place to get some quests done. 

I was then invited to join Pil (As Traebear, newly respecced as a Tanking Pally) and 3 other guildies in Mechanar.  No problem!

Group was:

2 Hunters
Traebear (Paladin, MT)
Priest (MH)

Trae 2007-09-12 23-09-46-60 The mage was pretty good at dishing out the damage.  Full fire spec I think.  I was pretty impressed.  Trae was having some issues keeping aggro off of us though.  I think he died one time in the whole run though (and the priest died once too).  We took down each boss pretty easily, the last one being burned down before he summoned his second set of adds.  Of course, this was a non-heroic run.  Haven’t done one of those in Mech in a long time.  Was amazing how much easier it is.

After that, I called it a night.  Supposedly the group in Kara didn’t go so well though.  I think they never ended up getting Moroes down and called it about when I logged out.  Well, hopefully they will have more luck tonight.

That’s it.  Nothing all that special to discuss.  I think I mentioned I picked up a Zune a while ago and I’m still enjoying it.  I really like the interface and it converts all video and music without much of a problem.  The screen is nice and I have been watching video podcasts on it often.

Well, I’m heading out.  Catch ‘ya later..