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September 2007
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Flaming Ruins

Welcome back! Did you leave? I’m here, where are you?

Well, Monday and Tuesday night, eh?  Well, I spent time with my Alts.. I didn’t get any levels (I think), but I spent some time with their professions. 

I’ve been working on getting Fhuun’s Herbalism up and I got Fyra’s Alchemy up to 225.  Now I have to go get her to level 35 (she is level 30 right now) so she can get the next Alchemy level. Anyone know what the requirement for the BC Alchemy skill is?

Bligh_090707_215252 On Tuesday I went with Pil to farm for some new Alchemy recipe drops in Shadowmoon Valley.  He was looking for the “fel” series of potion drops.  I really wanted some “Fel Mana” pots.  Supposedly, from what I have read around the grand ol’ internet, they are stupendous for Hunters since their debuff parts don’t effect our effectiveness ( 🙂 ).  He is pretty lucky, I have to say, and in a few hours he had all 3!  Fel Mana, Fel Restoration and Fel Strength (I think that is what they are called..)

I’ll let you know about how the potions went when I’m next in kara… (This is not my week)  I’d still like to take a jaunt into Heroic Bot or Heroic Arc maybe..  I don’t need the rep, but the loot is supposed to be pretty good.  I am Exalted now with all of the main BC factions except for Caverns of Time.  I’d like to get my Consortium rep up though.  It would be nice to get some blue gems every month! 

FimHead_090707_215336Other than that, it has been a slow week..  I guess if we have room, I might be invited into Kara, but I’m not counting on it.  I have plans to level up Fhuun some more hopefully (or Fyra to get the Alchemy up).

Well, 2.2 didn’t drop this week.. I guess we’ll have to see if next week is our week.. Is it sad that the part of 2.2 coming out that I am most excited about is that they will be working harder on 2.3?  I’m hoping 2.3 will have the next XP changes for leveling < 60 toons.  There were some “blue” posts in the forums explaining that it would not be in the 2.2 patch.  I’m kinda ready for it already! I just want to move my mid-level guys up to some more interesting content.  Ah well..

Hope you guys all have a good one.  Peace..