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September 2007
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We Won 2!

Okay.. Two nights of updates here.NetherspiteHP_090807_224523

Netherspite_090807_224635 Saturday night we went back into Kara. We went in and cleared up to Netherspite. We wiped on our first try (He enraged, I think).  I believe it is because we lost too many of the DPS near the beginning of the fight and couldn’t get him down fast enough.. Coming back in for the second try, we defeated him handily.  No deaths (other than one of the Paladins being silly and sitting in a black damage spot until he died after the fight) and with some great communication we had a great time.  We had our 1 warlock sit in the blue beam for every other cycle.  He did a constant stream of lifesteal to keep himself healed.  It was pretty impressive.

Illhoof_090907_003010 All that was left after that was Illhoof and Nightbane.  Since others had already taken down Illhoof and we generally knew the strategies, we headed over there..  After wiping a few times (maybe somewhere between 3-5) we concentrated on Illhoof himslef and let the seed of corruption take down the big add.  Once done, everyone pumped up the DPS and we took him down.

After taking him down we decided to call it a night. And I guess we finally “cleared” Kara other than the summoned dragon. Unfortunately, nothing hunterish dropped that night..


On Sunday I got to do something a bit different!  I joined up with a guild 5v5 team.  3 Hunters, 1 Shaman, 1 Paladin.  Considering it was our first foray out as a team our 2-15 record isn’t too shabby.  We were generally getting our strategies worked out I think.  I’m sure we will get better as time goes on. I’m not sure of the schedule they want to keep, but it seems that 5v5 matches start almost immediately!  I didn’t take any screenshots of us fighting, but I did take some Fraps Video.  Next time, I’ll take a picture with the flag coming out of my butt.. ::)

Dunno what is in the works for tonight.  I really had a lot of fun in the arena and hope we will go back tonight for our next 10 fights (I think.. I’m not really sure how it works to get points). 

Anyone have any ideas as to if we will be seeing 2.2 tomorrow?  Anyone.. Anyone?  ah well

I guess I’ll talk to you later 🙂  Peace.

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