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September 2007
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A Man, A Plan

FimBooks090707Welcome to your daily shot of WoW Adventure.  I am your host Fimlys!  Well…

Yes!  I am posting on the weekend.. Go Me!  And Yes!  My mailbox is still empty.. Sad days 🙁

But! Last night was pretty awesome Karaness.. Not in the lootz department (ah sad again..), but in how awesome Mythos is becoming.. (well, compared to how we used to be anyway).   We… 1 Shot the Curator.  I know, we have done this many times now, but a couple nights ago we were having many difficulties with him. 

Next we made our way up the tower and 2 shot the Shade of Aran!  That was a pretty big milestone for us I think. Even better will be when we can 1 shot him.  Everything in that second attempt went like clockwork.  Things went exactly like they were supposed to.  We got the adds and killed 3 and 1 was banished just as he polymorphed us.  We popped up and tore him down!  It was pretty awesome.

WoWScrnShot_090807_002743 Moving along, we cleaned up on the Chess event.  Your’s truly was the king.. It was pretty fun dishing out the hurt!  Seemed to me that we got the other King down much faster than normal.  The Fiend Slayer Boots dropped again, but both hunters present already had them (I’m still not using them since I think the Edgewalker Longboots are providing better stats [except for armor] for now). 

Some of us (not me, amazingly enough) were getting pretty tired at this point.  Actually they were tired after the Shade fight, but we dragged them to the Chess event anyway.  Promise of “free” epics always seems to work.

PrinceDown_090807_010022 However, given that there are only 6 trash mobs from the Chess event to the Prince, we dragged them along some more with the promise of.. “Lets just give the prince a shot.  We are soooo close!”.

As you can see from the picture… We were victorious!!!!!  IN 1 SHOT!  We took down the …. PRINCE IN 1 SHOT.. I was sooo amazed.  Some of it is, of course, luck.  No infernal touched down between us and the tank until the last 2 seconds of the fight. But I think we are really getting into the groove and becoming a pretty great team.  Communication is awesome and I think we all have respect for each other to boot. I was very proud to be part of Mythos that day (not that I’m not normally).

The loot was dropped and his Dagger was one of the spoils.  Asking around if anyone else had any use for it, I gave it a roll and since I was the only one rolling, picked it up!  I’m thinking I will save it and the Emerald Ripper for 2.2 and the +20 AGI enchant.  I might then switch my 2H Legacy to the +AP (Savagery I think) enchant and then be able to go back and forth.  We’ll have to see.. I think I still will lose some AGI total so I guess I’ll need to do some calculations.  The daggers are SOOO much faster though if/when I end up in Melee, but, of course, I am a Hunter.. I do not melee! 🙂

FreezInShat_090807_010651 After that we called it a night and I asked Kezz if she minded disenchanting some stuff for me.  Freez has it all, so she ported him (lvl 25!) to Shat so that her alt could D/E it easier..

I have SOOOO much Arcane Dust it just isn’t funny.  I’m gonna save it for right now for those enchants though.. Hmm.. Do you think I should just enchant a different 2H with the AP and switch between them? Arg.. I need to do some calculations 🙂

That about wraps it up for me and last night.. Oh, I got a Zune today!  I ordered it from Woot on their last woot-off.  I’m liking it so far.  It was pretty cheap considering.  Ah well 🙂

Ok.. Well, I might post tomorrow.. Might not.  You know the drill.  You guys be careful out there!

Fim… Out.