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September 2007
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No Lootz For You

WoWScrnShot_090607_223239 Welcome to Karazhan, night 2.

Moving on to the Maiden (which is nice after the dancers de-spawn.. Woot), we went in and showed her who was boss. 🙂 One shot and the Gloves of Quickening dropped.. Oh wait.. I have those. Grats other Hunter 🙂 I am still surprised at the ease we get some of these bosses down that were causing us so much trouble before. It is hard to tell sometimes if it is because we are so much better geared than before or if it is just learning the fights (Could be because we are now all Uber L33t.. LOL). It is probably both. I am glad that we are able to bring in others in the guild to get them better gear too. I think the thing that makes the raiding fun for me is just to be playing with my friends. We all seem to have a good time and I think that is what makes Mythos great. We are really not “hardcore” about anything. Obviously we would like to be able to move on to the 25 man raids. Mainly, I would love to see the content. I have to say that it would be nice if they had a 25 man raid that was equivalent in gear requirements to Kara. Then larger guilds and others who would like to be able to ramp up to the harder 25 man raids would be able to get everyone in at one time and practice the 25 man coordination and such. Even going into Gruul is tough because, while I like that there isn’t a lot of trash to kill, it would be nice if there was some so you could at least hone your communication and coordination in the 25 man setting. Ah well..

BBW_090607Next we moved on to the Opera event. the Ushers became so much easier after we realized that they could be Shackled. I didn’t die once on them! Wow!

We ripped through the trash up to the stage and moved in. I had my fingers crossed for the Big Bad Wolf (I really want that gun) and.. Lo and Behold! It was! Woot.. Our first foray didn’t go so well. Had some issues with important folks dying. Next try went much better and we wiped the floor with him. Woot! He only targeted a non-tank as LRR 3 times. First 2 were the other Hunter. He successfully feigned the first time, but then got it right away again and could not feign. He hadn’t had any practice with the ‘running away’ part and unfortunately ended up taking a dirt nap. Because the Tanks (when LRR) had so much Health and the healing was spot-on, we were able to finish him up pretty quickly. Of course… No gun! Awww.. Maybe next time.

Curator090607 What was up next? Well, it was still pretty early so we made our way up the stairs to the Curator. We made a few valiant attempts, but I think we were having some trouble with the adds. We almost always had at least 2 up at a time and that is pretty bad. The two last times we survived until he enraged and blew us all away. In the end, the respawn timer was up and it was time to go home. I’m not sure if there was miscommunication or just general lack of DPS that was causing us problems. Generally the healers didn’t go down first, so that was a good thing, we just couldn’t keep the sparks in check and by the time he evocated, we still needed everyone chipping away at them instead of taking him down. We got him down below 15% twice, but both times it was too late and we still ended up wiping. I’m sure we’ll pick him off pretty quickly tonight though.. Maybe we were just all tired.

So, yeah. More Kara tonight. Curator and beyond! Here’s hoping good stuff drops from Curator (I think there is a good ring I’d like, or maybe Hunter token..). I’m hoping we get back to the Prince on this run. I want that bow! (I know, Gun.. Bow… I want everything). Illhoof also has a belt that looks pretty snazzy. Wouldn’t mind picking that one up either. I haven’t been in the group when they’ve dropped him. Maybe this is the week.

Them’s the news. Hope you all have a good weekend. I may (or may not) post over the weekend as usual. Have a good one!