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September 2007
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I Weep for Thee

OnPillar_Kara Ah, how fragile the flesh…

I dunno.. don’t ask .. 🙂

I forgot yesterday was Wednesday! Kara day.  Woot.  I was actually assuming that they would be taking some of our less geared brethren in to get with da lootz.  But.. Seems there wasn’t anyone else to go and I was brought in for the Wed run.  We’ve been bringing less geared members of the guild on our Wedesday Attumen/ Moroes/ Maiden/ Opera run (generally we get all 4 down the first night).  Seems people are not as interested in heading into Kara as we once thought.  So we had a whole bunch of Alts and the regulars and I think one “somewhat” newer raider (at least for Kara). We had:

2 Warriors (Bligh was one)
2 Druids (Karine was one)
1 Warlock
1 Priest (Shadow) [Switched to Mage for Attumen]
1 Paladin (Healing)
2 Hunters (I was one)
1 Shaman (Our only lvl 70 Shaman in the guild…)

WoWScrnShot_061807_232247 Quite a diverse group I would say.  Not our usual buildout.  Used Freeze Trap a lot more that usual. 🙂  One shot on Attumen.  After he went down, Kenny went crazy and proceeded to pull guys from the other room.. I ran to where he was pulling them (away from everyone else) and after he died, I feigned.  Whew… Crisis averted.

Moving on to Moroes we had a few issues stemming from out inability to get 2 of the adds down quickly.  We ended up asking the Shaman to tank the Adds while we burned them down and that seemed to work well.  The other Hunter and I kept one of the 2 left Frozen and everything went well.  Right at the end i was hit by the frozen dude (I think he was a paladin) and went down. I was the only one who died… Ah well..  We killed him though.  The Longboots dropped and the other Hunter was quite happy (I already have those).

UI0707We’re heading back in tonight to take on the Maiden and Opera.  I have a feeling unless we take them down quick, we won’t be making our way up to the Curator, but who knows.  I think there is still a ring I’d like off the Curator and I would still love to get Big Bad Wolf’s gun.

I don’t know if I said this before, but I finished Bioshock the other night.  I really enjoyed it and at some point I am going to go back in and try to do the “not so nice” ending.  We’ll see how that one goes.  Since I played on “easy” mode, I also want to go back and try out a little harder setting for the combat, etc.

No one has sent me email!  Ha ha.. I guess I’ll have to put up some of my own screenshots.  Ah well.  Talk you later!