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September 2007
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Kiting the Bog


Ah, heroic Underbog.  We descended into it’s watery depths again last night.  I had not, prior to last night gone past the Second boss in this instance (neither in normal, nor heroic)! And, unfortunately.. I still haven’t (kinda).

We brought in an interesting group consisting of:

Druid (MT)
Karine [Kezz] (Druid, MH)
Traebear [Piladden] (Paladin, OT/OH)
Me (and Kenny)

Kenny_Rogue We had our share of wipes (well, maybe more than).  At the entrance I accidentally pulled the first shambler group ( i don’t remember what they are called) and caused an “almost wipe” (3 of us made it outside the instance).  We did pretty well then up to the ramp to the first boss.  Our tank was on a herbing kick (lol) and jumped down to pick the flowers on the far side of the curling ramp when he got smacked down by the patrol down there.  Trae rezzed him and he stealthed over to pick the flowers anyway 🙂  We all had a pretty big laugh at all of it. 

We then took on the 2 giants before the first boss and really had no big troubles with them.  I misdirected a distracting shot and aimed shot on the main target and the tank picked up the secondary.  We burned down the first and then the second.  Both healers were down to the bare nubs of mana in the end.  Good thing there were only 2!

WoWScrnShot_090407_231719 Moving on to Hungarfen (ooh, I remember his name), we wiped twice.  First time he was down to 20k health and we just succumbed to the mushrooms.  Second time was just a bad pull and I think tank came out of bear somehow and aggro got all screwy.  Coming back up, we finally took him down without too much trouble.  He dropped an offhand claw weapon that, since the rogue didn’t want, I picked up.  I might use it for my off-hand if/when I switch to dual-wield in 2.2 (with the +agi enchants to 1H).

Moving on, we wiped a few more times on either bad pulls (just happens some times) or stupid mistakes (I make too many of them.. lol).  Also, our tank’s Vent got all wonky on him so that didn’t help.  No huge issues with the naga really and sauntered on down to Ghaz’an.  After wiping once after Karine was knocked into the water and killed by a fish, we killed him in a very interesting way.  Our rogue was smashed into the brine quickly at the beginning of the second try but we soldiered on.  Generally doing pretty good we got him down to only a few percent when our Tank bought the big one. 

Ghazan_Fimlys Of course, being the only one doing damage he went straight for me standing on the pipes leading to his platform.  Luckily he is VERY SLOW.  I popped my Aspect of the Cheetah and kited him down the hallway firing arcane shots when I could.. He had me backed into the end of the walkway when I finally wore him down (Trae was firing shots at him when he could too).  It was a pretty exhilarating win.  Of course, at this time (after Midnight Eastern), our Rogue had to leave and we called it a night.  I jumped down and found the hidden dude that I needed for the quest, but we didn’t go on.  Oh, and I hit Exalted!  It was very exciting.  I guess I really don’t need the quest other than for Gold now.  The picture above was taken after finding the guy for the quest. 

Karine got a pretty gruesome staff for our efforts on Ghaz’an.  Of course, we all got our 2 Badges.  I was taking a look at The Hunter’s Mark this morning and noticed this part of that page:

Botanica (Heroic): [Boots of the Endless Hunt] – Warp Splinter
Shadow Labyrinth (Heroic):
[Girdle of Ferocity] – Murmur
Mechanar (Heroic):
[Handguards of the Steady] – Pathaleon the Calculator
Steamvaults (Heroic):
[Wrathtide Longbow] – Warlord Kalithresh

Fim_Kenny0907 I was thinking that I would probably like the Boots… And maybe the Girdle and Handguards also (The Handguards we can probably get somewhat easily since we are “da’bomb’ at Mech).   Maybe we’ll go run Bot in heroic.. I know we had a lot of issues with SL in Heroic last time we went (at least after the first boss, up to him was pretty easy).  Hmm.. Maybe we’ll try to make our way through Bot.. We can even skip all the other bosses (which is nice) if we want.  I guess we’ll just have to see.

So, What do you think about my inclusion of significantly more screenshots?  I have taken my declaration to heart and posted here images from our adventures last night..  I still haven’t had time to generate an email address for contributions to my Screenie archive! 

I’ll let you know when I do!  Hope you all have a super-dee-duper day!  Laters…