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September 2007
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Alt Weekend Update

OOoh… Long weekends.. They make my head hurt.

Over this weekend I got my little Priestie Fhuun up to level 36. 4 more to mount time!! Woot

I also got my Druid up to level 30 (lol). I enjoy playing Fyra though… Mainly I was playing her because Fhuun’s rest XP was all out ..

Yesterday I finally got Fimlys Exalted in Lower City.. Only to find that there is absolutely nothing that he needs there (or even could generally use at all) for Exalted.. Boo hiss.. He is getting closer to Cenarion Expedition Exalted, but I don’t know what is there for him. I think there is a LW recipe.. That is probably it.

Last night we went into Blood Furnace.. Blood Furnace? you ask… Yep.. Heroic Baby! We hadn’t gone in there yet in Heroic mode (not that anything drops useful stuff for yours truly), but I think we are all getting bored of the existing instances and their heroic versions.. Piladden and Kezz finally got their Netherdrake mounts this weekend too (FYI)… Gratz to them.


Blood Furnace wasn’t too bad. There was lots of dying and the stealthed rogues in there are a real pain. On one wipe, I picked one up on the way in and kited him around the instance until everyone else got back. I was very amazed that i survived. I had about 154 health left when I got back to everyone. Thankfully my dodge is > 19% and he missed me many times…

Otherwise it wasn’t as hard as I expected. The bosses were pretty easy and I think we one shotted the first 2 and got the second in 2 tries.. We lost one of our Mages in the beginning on the second try and I went down generally soon also, but the last 3 took him down with my screaming (RUN) over Vent when he was about to AOE.

The group consisted of:

Druid (MT)
Piladden (Priest, MH)
Kezz (Mage)
Mage (Another Mage…)
Me (And Kenny)

Leave a Tender Moment Alone

I also finally got Kenny to level 70 this weekend (he started at 69.. lol) and up to “Best Friend” Loyalty level. I specced him with Dash, Stamina, Bite, Avoidance, Cobra Reflexes and a little Armor. So far, he has done pretty well. He doesn’t have any resistances, so I’m not sure he will do all that well in places like kara where that might be necessary.. I like dash though.. 🙂

Poor Kenny – When does the Stone table Crack?

That’s about it. Not sure about tonight (as usual). I want to get Fhuun to level 40.. Actually I want to get him to level 70 (LOL)… I’m ready for them to implement the faster leveling.. Lets go Blizzard.. 🙂 We need it now. I also have to finish up Bioshock.. I think I am pretty close to the end. Then I’ll have to start again from the beginning on a harder setting. I have way too many games I want to play.. Argh!

Well, I’ll talk to you all later.. God Hunting!