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August 2007
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Stinkin’ Badges

I need 1 more.  I need one more of the Badges to get the trinket I want. Bloodlust Brooch woot!

We ran Heroic Mech last night.  It is definitely the easiest way to get 4 badges.  Why just 4 when the 2 mini-bosses and all 3 main-bosses drop badges?   Well, we skip the 2nd boss.  She isn’t worth the effort basically.  We one shotted the final boss (actually I think we did worse on the mini-bosses than the real bosses).  We know mech pretty well and we know most of the good strategies.  One of the most fun boss battle (non-raid) is the First boss in mech in heroic.  In heroic, he does a “Polarity Shift” that gives everyone in the group a + or – polarity.  If you are near someone with the same sign, you get a BIG boost in damage.  If you are near someone with the opposite sign, you get damaged quickly.  You end up running back and forth to designated areas to bunch up with someone else  with your sign. It is actually a lot of fun and for a DPS class, the added bonus is Pure Sugar.. 🙂

Nothing much dropped for me. The last boss in heroic mech drops Handguards of the Steady which I would like to try out.  I think the gloves I have already are pretty good and might be a bit better (possibly), but doesn’t hurt to have another pair for a few different stats.

I might suggest we do a quick heroic run (maybe to Shadow Labyrinth) to pick up my last Badge (and maybe get Exalted in LC at the same time).  The run to the first boss in SL isn’t too bad.  Everything after is a pain.. (Especially those big groups before the second boss).

After that maybe I’ll play Bioshock some more. I played WoW until around 12:30 am and then was on Bioshock until 3am !!  I just couldn’t tear myself away.   I’m pretty certain now that when I finish it I will probably go back in at the middle difficulty. This first time I wanted to experience the story first without too much of my lack of skill getting in the way.  I have to say I am enjoying it immensely.

I’ll catch you on the flip side.