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August 2007
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Shocking Updates

Hmmm.. Bioshock.

I like it.  I still haven’t gotten it running in DX10, but I’m pretty happy with the DX9 graphics.. 🙂

I did run into a problem with the securROM security (online activation).  I installed it from Steam on my XP and Vista installations on my main desktop.  Seems that you can only activate it twice before it gives you an error that you have installed it on too many systems.  I also wanted to get it installed on my Laptop.  I don’t remember if I complained about this before, but if I did, it is still annoying.. 🙂

Game is gorgeous.  Really nice.  Oh.. I found where the savegames go.  They go to your My Documents folder until Bioshock directory..  Doesn’t matter which version you have I think. I needed to find it so I could try to load my current progress into the Vista version as I try everything I can think of to get it running in DX10.

Played for quite a while yesterday and am currently in the Farmers Market section. I have cleared that first area twice now and my computer rebooted before I could save the game (ARG!).  I need to start quicksaving again (like I used to in games like Quake and Doom).

That’s about all for Bioshock for today. If you have any questions, I can try to answer them to the best of my ability (from my limited experience playing so far).  It is really fun and I am going the route of hacking pretty much everything.  I picked “easy” from the initial difficulty menu and it does mean “EASY”!  The enemies go down pretty quickly with very little creativity needed most of the time.  Ammo is plentiful and the machines will sell it to you also. So far so good!

Let me know what you think.. Are you playing it?  Have you gotten it to work in DX10?  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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