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August 2007
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Raiding the Alts

So, Mythos started a new practice for our first night of Kara each week.  We’re starting to mix it up on the first 4 bosses and bring in alts and “non-core” group members.  Last night I went in with my main since I don’t have any alts and I still want to get that gun from Big Bad Wolf!

Attumen was a piece of cake (I can’t believe there was a time that we couldn’t even get him down in a weekend).  Moroes took one reset due to our Paladin disconnecting.  By the way, we hadn’t generally been bringing a druid to the main group run but this time we had one as one of our healers (replacing a paladin). Maiden took one wipe before getting her done also (we were going okay until most of the DPS was down and then it took forever before we ended up wiping).  Opera event was Big Bad Wolf!  Woot!  I could FEEL the gun in my hands.  I could smell the powder erupting as I pointed it’s graceful lines at the cuddly little bunny I was about to dispatch…..  We wiped twice I think.  Third time was the charm and enough of us (not me after a bit) stayed up to wipe him out.  And… He didn’t drop the gun! 🙁   Our Paladin was happy because the Libram dropped, but nothing for me…

That’s okay.  Maybe curator will drop the glove token or there is some ring I think he drops that I want.  Eh, it is fun anyway although it is taking time away from Bioshock.

After downing the first four we called it a night and I flew off into the sunset (what else would you expecting?)

Tonight is at least Curator maybe Curator and Shade if we are really lucky (and Good!).  That’s all I’ve got.  I’ll talk with you tomorow