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August 2007
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(Bio)Shock and Awe

Ok.. That was a mistake.

I decided that I would get on WoW last night before really getting into Bioshock.  That wasn’t really the main problem.  The problem was that I started playing Bioshock at midnight.  I’m proud to say that I actually tore myself away from the game at around 3am!

Ugh. I’m tired. But… It was worth it.  That game is simply amazing.  I’m getting farther in and unlocked some more of the plasmids and decided to go down the “save” the little sisters path.  I might start again some day and try the other path and see where it leads.

I still couldn’t get it to run correctly in DX10 on Vista.  I guess I’ll just have to hope a patch is forthcoming.  At some point I’ll read the forums and see.  Another thing I am annoyed with is that unlike most Steam games, I cannot play it both on my desktop and my laptop.  It uses a copy protection that registers itself with a central server somewhere out there (that isn’t steam).  Once you have registered your game with the server on the machine, you seemingly can’t register it somewhere else.  I really wanted to be able to copy my savegame to my laptop and play when I wasn’t home.  Although the demo, in DX9 plays kinda slow compared to my desktop (Athlon X2 4600 w/8800 GTS 320MB).

Ah well.  It is an amazing game.  I’m playing at 1600×1200 with all the goodies turned on.  The audio is spectacular (even if I am down one surround satellite after i broke the cable off) and the whole thing is really great.

Ok.. enough gushing.. I’m going back to play some more!  Woot!

Later all

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