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August 2007
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Old McFimlys Has a Farm

Well, I broke down and spent some time last night farming for Motes of Air. I found a pretty good area to do it, but I’m not sharing (at least not yet.. lol).  I got around 26 motes in less than an hour.  I’d say that was pretty good!

I spent a little time also thinking about paring down my list of addons.  I have a lot of ACE/ACE2 addons which I’m not really targeting here.  What I am going to look at is my current use of the Cosmos UI Pack.  I was thinking of backing everything up (all my saved variables, addons, etc) and wiping all the addons (after making a list of what I THINK I have).  Then reloading just the addons I want to stick with (Most of the ACE/ACE2 ones for now.)  I use Bongos for my Buttons so I might keep that one.  Either that or take a gander at Bartender3 (another ACE mod).  I like ACE’s updater and would like to keep all my addons being ACE compatible so I can use that as my only mod updating program.

Other than farming, Kezz and I finished a few quests I had (Thank you Kezz) and I helped out Piladden and Kezz with a quick quest they had in Shadowmoon Valley.  Pil got asked to help a group take down Murmur and so departed before we really got started doing anything (being the great guy he is).

Not too much else.  Bioshock comes out tomorrow.  The pretty silly thing is that the PC demo comes out today at 7pm.  That seems kinda “last minute”, eh?  I played a little of the 360 version demo but I didn’t want to get too far in.  I pre-ordered on Steam (I think I told you that already, eh?) and can’t wait to play.

I’m also hoping that maybe the 2.2 patch will be released tomorrow.  It was preloaded down to my machine a few days ago, so you’d think it was getting there.. 🙂  It includes integrated voice chat which, from my foray for a little bit into the PTR, looks promising.  They give you the ability to pick your input/output devices which is good for me since I use the main speakers as my Game Sound, but a USB  headset for my “vent” connections.

Not sure at this point what the plan is for tonight.  Maybe some instance, maybe not.. 🙂

Good luck out there..

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