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August 2007
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A Dollar Short

I’m a bit behind.  I’m a little late on the daily updates.

Heh.. Sorry.

I haven’t been playing a whole lot of WoW since the last post.  I think we went and did a BM run (After doing a quick group quest in Netherstorm) for a guildie for rep.  Wednesday and on the guild went into Kara and it isn’t my week. Actually, we are starting to bring “noobs” (lol) into kara on the first night (First 4 bosses) to get them some gear and some experience.  The rest of the week (Curator on) is still the core group and this wasn’t my week to be in that group.

They did get the Curator and Shade down last night so that is pretty good.  Supposedly it was kinda close on the Shade though.  I wonder if they will be able to take down the Prince this time. They have a few extra days to do so.

What did I do?  Well, I played Odin Sphere a bit.  It is pretty fun.  I’m having a few issues with bag space, but I guess I just collect to much crap.  I also watched the new Doctor Strange animated movie on Blu-ray which was pretty good (IMHO).   I pre-ordered Bioshock on Steam and began the pre-load.  I wonder if they will let us play at midnight on tuesday.. That would be cool.

I received my new power supply last night.  I thought that an issue with my power supply was causing lockups and reboots on my computer I use to play WoW (and other games).  I had previously replaced the video card (thinking that was the possible problem) with a new 8800 GTS (320 MB).  That didn’t help, so the power supply was next.  I replaced the PSU but I still had at least one reboot last night.  Not encouraging.  I might be replacing the Motherboard next.  I wonder if it WAS the power supply but that over time it has damaged the Motherboard in some way. I like the ASUS MB I have and will probably get one similar if not the same.  I’m really getting tired of the instability.

My coworkers are trying to convince me to splurge and get a new Core 2 MB and Processor.  Since I already have the AMD AM2 Processor, I will probably stick to that for now.  I can pick up a 6000+ for pretty cheap now and it will probably get cheaper with the announcement of the new Barcelona chips from AMD.

Tired of spending money on this..

My new HP dv9500t laptop is still pretty awesome.  I use it constantly and really like the feel of the keybaord (my wife dislikes it though).  Having the keypad is really nice too.  The screen is gorgeous and I don’t seem to miss the higher resolution I used to have on my Dell (1920×1200 was what I had, 1680 x 1050 is what the HP has).  The wireless on this is particularly good too.  I get a signal (full 54MB) from much farther away from the router than I did with the Dell.  I don’t have an N router yet, but it is ready when I do.

Ok.. That’s enough rambling for today. Sorry to bore you with the non-WoW stuff, but I know that at least Bligh will be interested (maybe).

I’ll try to post tomorrow, but it IS the weekend… 🙂  Have a good one.

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