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August 2007
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Heroic Book Run

Last night we decided to try completing the quest Kalynna’s Request which is a quest in the line from Karazhan to ultimately summon Nightbane to fight.

The quest consists of going into 2 Heroic Instances and killing the first boss in each (And picking up a book from the corpse).  The two instances are Shattered Halls and Sethekk Halls.  Our group for Shattered Halls consisted of:

Bligh (MT)
Paladin (MH)
Me (and Larry)

We had some issues with the larger groups but finally made it to the boss. He wasn’t much harder than normal, just a little more HP and does a little more damage.  Got the book and we were off to Sethekk.

For this instance, our Rogue switched to his Druid to help heal.  (Rogue -> Druid)…

We did a pretty good job.  I think only Larry died the whole place (we only went up to the first boss).  We took the first boss down pretty fast. The adds were being summoned pretty fast due to Kezz and my DPS.  We took him down and took our book.  Heading back to Area 52, we turned in the quest and that gave us the URN to summon Nightbane.  Next time we are in Kara and have a chance, we can do that battle if we want.

Warning, we think there is a bug with a quest before you go get Kalynna’s Request in
Area 52.  The quest is the one where you go to the terrace and watch the cut-scene. It seems that if someone else in your “save id” does the quest, you have to wait for a 2hr cooldown before it will work again.  Good Luck.

That is it for last night.  I was happy to be able to get that done and have the urn now. No clue what the agenda is for tonight.  Later all!

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