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August 2007
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The Shade Has Been Drawn

Yes.. You read that right.  Mythos has downed the Shade of Aran!!  Yeah, I’m lazy and while I have a screenshot, I didn’t put it anywhere yet.

We got him down after much effort on Saturday night. I actually went down somewhat early in the fight but spent the rest of the time yelling “DON’T MOVE, FLAME WREATH!”.  LOL.  We burned him down to the adds and had a couple down before he polymorphed everyone.  Then most (8 of 10) of the group survived the whole process and the rest was just burning him down. I think that is the key to the fight is surviving the polymorph and the adds (lucky if you don’t get the polymorph).  We were doing well interrupting the Fireball and Frostbolt and so had some extra time to get the adds down before he drank.  Hopefully the whole process is repeatable.  I think some of the issues we had previously were people moving during the flame wreath (thus my admonitions while I was dead) and staying out of the blizzard.  Otherwise we were pretty coordinated.  We moved up to the prince and took a few pot-shots at him.  (Obviously Unsuccessful).  We were getting really tired at that point and called it a night. 

The next day was my birthday. (Thank you, I really didn’t do anything to make it my birthday.. At least as far as I remember.. lol).  Went and saw Harry Potter with my son and then went out for Family-Style Italian.  Restaurant was very good, yet very slow. I ended up back at the house late (from dinner) and didn’t make it into the raid for the night.  Can’t say I was very happy about not being able to go, but I heard that the group got Illhoof down.  Grats guys.

Since everyone wants a bit of a break, we’re not going back tonight to try again at the prince. I hope they can get the shade down again this week. It’s not my week to go, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be playing this week.  I am hoping to get a few more levels (or at least 1) on my priest.  It is fun playing the priest, but I’m not sure how good I am going to be at healing. I guess we’ll see someday 🙂