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August 2007
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On the Farm

Sorry for the infrequency (is that even a word?) of the posts. 

What has been happening?  Well, Wed and Thurs night’s were Karazhan raid nights.  It is my week (woot) so I joined the crew to head in and take on the Mobs.

On Wednesday, our main Tank was at a concert so we brought in another tank and Bligh was our MT.  I have to say it was an enjoyable run.  We got the first 3 bosses down on the first try (Attumen, Moroes and the Maiden).  I got a dagger (I might go dual wield at some point instead of 2h [maybe]) and that is about it. On the Opera event we got Romulo and Juliette again and there was a bit of confusion once they both came back up and we wiped on the first try.  Rezzing and restarting, we did a pretty awesome job (IMHO) and took ’em down handily.  Our 2 biggest DPSers were on Juliette at the end stopping her healing and they had almost taken her down by the time we had Romulo down to 10%! They had to slow down a little.  We called it after that and we all went to sleep with the happy knowledge that we have those guys down to “farm status”.  I still remember when we used to think Attumen was difficult and had to re-kill the trash because of respawns from wiping so much.  What a difference a little practice and some gear make.

Thursday we had our main tank back and we mosied our way up to the Curator.  I have to say that when we first started fighting him (a few weeks ago I think, maybe a few months) I was significantly annoyed by the encounter. Last night though…. ONE SHOTTED!! Go Mythos.  Our first downing of Curator in one try. It was pretty nice.  Having our rogue there and our healers in top form was stupendous.  Group consisted of 2 Warriors, 2 Paladins, 1 Healing Priest, 1 Shadow Priest, 1 Rogue, 1 Mage, 1 Warlock, Me (1 Hunter).  I actually enjoyed the fight and even had time to hit him during evocation a couple of times.  Moving on to the Shade.. We didn’t fare as well.  We actually got him down to the lowest we ever have (10%).  Twice we were down to 2 healers and 1 or 2 DPS and almost got him down.  We still aren’t doing well with keeping him from using mana.  I think we could almost get him down without him ever drinking if we can do that.  With a little while left before respawns, we hoofed our way up to the Chess event and took it down ( I like the Chess Event, if you don’t remember).  A Pally shield and Warrior Boots dropped.  Moving back down we took one more stab at the Shade and switched Bligh (Warrior) out for Turais (his Rogue) to see if the extra DPS would help.  While I think it will, I believe that we need to better interrupt his spell casting.  This would require switching out someone who doesn’t already have a interrupt (Warriors and Rogues both have one).  One though was to switch out one Paladin for his Mage and see if that would help (extra DPS AND another interrupt) but it is really nice having 2 paladins. Another would be to maybe switch out the Shadow Priest for his Mage or, I think he might have a Warrior (although I don’t know if he is attuned).  Argh.. Thankfully I have only one lvl 70! Ha..

I’ve not really been working on Fhuun (my priest) much, but he finally hit lvl 32! I’m not sure I’m gonna go back to town to learn the lvl 32 skills yet.  I really need to figure out how to level him faster, I just realy hate it.  Maybe working with someone else (like a DPS class, or a DPS and Tank) would help .. Bleh. Anyway, next week might be a Fhuun leveling time because it is not my week for Kara (although there is talk again to getting a second run going.. )

That’s all I’ve got. I still haven’t really had time to go through my addons and make a list (I have so many) or give some more tips and tricks for Hunters (maybe some for low level priest…). What do you guys think of the new expansion information we have so far?  What do you like?  What are you looking forward to?  Lemmie know.