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August 2007
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Taking up the Slack(ing)

Ok, yeah, I’ve been neglectful.  I haven’t been posting.  I’m sorry.

[In case anyone is coming here and has any delusions that I might think that I am a good writer, let me put them to rest.  This is basically a stream of conciousness blog.  I don’t pretend to any ability in the writing space, this is just akin to a diary on my part.  I try to give useful information every so often, but I’m pretty bad at that too]

I got my laptop!  Wooooo.. It is really nice.  I would recommend the HP dv9500t to anyone. I love the screen (1680×1050, 17″) and the system is really fast.  WoW runs pretty well and so does everything else.

I also got my EVGA nVidia 8800 GTS 320MB.  I was having rebooting issues on my main gaming rig and I had a feeling it was the video card (possibly overheating or something).  Well, I had a 7900GT and decided if I had to replace the board, I might as well go “whole hog”.  I did so and the 8800 is the result.  I put that bad boy in the system and everything is working fine now.  I haven’t seen a reboot in a while and I still have my fingers crossed.  I did notice that I can crank the settings up on WoW to the highest and it still does pretty good in the FPS department.  Mainly I’m just hoping for no lockups or reboots.

Ok.. back to WoW.  I joined the others in a few instance runs the last couple of days.  Last night was getting Eerlish (rogue) through BM to get attuned and then we ran over to Steamvaults for a quick Rep Run.  After that I logged out and watched the TMNT DVD I bought yesterday.

I’ve still been working on my little Priest. Still level 31 although very close to 32.  I really wish they would make leveling the 20-60 as fun as it was to level 60-70.  It would be nice if quest XP rewards were increased a bit (sometimes it seems easier to grind for XP than quest for it).  I’m just ready to move on up and there is so much running around that it makes it difficult to want to bother. It would almost be cool if they let you create a “prebuild” level 60 of your desired class after you have leveled a character to endgame.. Maybe even make it somewhat like the “hero” class ideas they have for the next expansion and make it a quest or something.. I know, you would start the game on a class you don’t know how to play at a high level… Well, you can still learn how to play that class, just don’t have to go through the frustrating parts.

 When I have some more time, I might take a stab at a few more Tips and Tricks I’ve figured out.  If any of you have any that I can include you can either leave a comment or I think I have a private feedback page somewhere on here..

Good night and good luck…