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August 2007
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The Con

No, I didn’t go to Blizzcon.. Not saying that I didn’t want to necessarily, but I didn’t.

I WAS out of town this weekend though. Down in sunny (and really, really hot) South Florida for a couple of days.

Didn’t really play Saturday night (slow laptop still, new one is sitting at home waiting for me.. Woot!).  Sunday got home a little late and logged in.  Just played a bit on my priest.  He is almost at lvl 32 (wow! moving on up there).  Quit early and watched last week’s episode of Eureka.

That was pretty much it.  System is still having issues with rebooting, so I really hope the new video card I should get tomorrow will help that.  I’m getting a little tired of it to say the least.

Lots of interesting news coming out of Blizzcon (and I can see everyone was either there or just reading about that since my hits dropped significantly over this weekend).  Stuff about the expansion, etc.  Not going to relay it here (although it might crop up as a WoW News post if I can stop feeling so lazy).  Go to your favorite WoW news blog and check it out.

Slow day for me today.  Tonight I’m not sure what is going on, maybe we’ll hit up a heroic or just run through a normal.  1 more badge and I can get the cloak I’ve been wanting.  It really isn’t much of an upgrade from what I have, but any upgrade is an upgrade.

Anyone know of any good programs to keep directories in sync?  I would like to keep the interface and WTF directories on my desktop and laptop in sync so I don’t have to worry about which I am logging in from .  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another exciting installment.

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