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August 2007
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Curating the Common Cold


I was in luck. Unfortunately it was due to another’s bout of bad luck (unluck as it were).  One of our paladins has been having some internet lag issues of late and last night it was bad enough that he could not help out with Kara.  They swapped out our Rogue for his Healing Druid and I was drawn in (kicking and screaming of course) to continue our foray into the Tower of Significant Repair Costs.

We had 2 Hunters this time on Curator (I’m not sure we had that before) and it worked out pretty well..

1 Paladin
1 Healing Priest
1 Healing Druid
2 Warriors
1 Shadow Priest
1 Warlock
1 Mage
2 Hunters

First try we had a small issue that we lost our Shadow Priest in the 3rd round.. After he went down, I went down and it cascaded from there.  We got him pretty far gone though.

Second try he was down. It was pretty nice.  We kept up with the adds and while I barely got any shots in on the boss himself, we had our Mage and Shadow Priest tapping him during Evocates (sp?).  I think it was 3 rounds of adds and then he was down.  Of course, as usual the adds liked me best and kept in my face, but we had enough other DPS to take them down quickly when they did.  I’d like to try it when we have a rogue that can try to keep aggro on them, but he had to come and heal this time. 🙂

Moving on, we decided to go first to the Chess event and get our 2 free epics!  We cleared the trash and performed well in the Chess event (that thing is just REALLY fun).  2 Boots dropped and one was the ones we’ve been looking for (although not much of an upgrade, they are mail).. Of course, there was another hunter there (the one who was supposed to be in this run in the first place) and they won the roll on them.  I probably should have just passed, but.. Ah well 🙂

Next the vote was to go try 1 time to take down Shade of Aran.  We moved down into it and got toasted.  We really need to work on that “health is always lower than the mana” thing.  I wish Silence Shot would actually work to interrupt his spells, but they don’t seem to.  We have 2 warriors, so they were stopping some and the 1 mage, but we really need more that can do it.  At least maybe a rogue in there kicking 🙂

Well, that’s about it. We called it after the 1 try on Shade and headed out.  Oh.. I finally got Exalted in Violet Eye last night! (Woot) and got my new ring.  It is okay, but the ones I have are better. I probably won’t use it unless I need a boost in Hit Rating (since it has more than the other rings I have).

Nothing else doin’ last night.  I’m not sure what the plan is tonight.  I would assume I probably won’t be going, but you never know.  Have a good one guys.

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