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August 2007
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Did I scare you?  🙂

Last night was the beginning of the Guild Kara run.  This week was not my week to be the token Hunter so I worked a little on grinding my Priest up (although I’m thinking about switching to my paladin maybe.. argh! I get so bored with this).  I killed a bunch of undead in Duskwood (NE Corner) and then decided to quit for a little while.

The Kara run, I believe went really well.  They one-shotted the first 3 bosses (Attumen, Moroes  & Maiden).  I left before they finished the Opera event (I’m sure Pil can give us an update on what happened there).  They had the R&J even again as far as I know.

I’m not really bummed about not going to Kara as much as not really having enough other people online to do something else.  I really would like to get the Ogri’la quests started because they have some pretty nice loot you can get later on.  Ah well.

I don’t know at this point what the plan is for tonight. I assume (possibly incorrectly) that they didn’t try (or down) the Curator last night [but i might be wrong] so that will be where they start tonight (if they got R&J down).  It is always possible that they will need another DPS and I’ll be asked, but you never know.  It would be nice to be able to get a second group running also so there isn’t this disappointment that people miss out.  Also would be nice to start working on Gruul again.  I think that we are much better geared than we were last time we tried and given enough practice we might be able to do it.  A 25 man is much different that a 10 man.  (Also less trash to deal with on those, so get to the boss quicker).

Maybe soon..

My new laptop shipped yesterday from Shanghai.  It’s an HP dv9500t.  I’m pretty excited about it. It is a 17″ screen monster with a full keyboard (well, it has a numeric keypad).  Since I am lefty (I’ve told you that before haven’t I) I use the keypad to move and such and this will make it much easier to play on my laptop (I have a USB keypad, but it isn’t the same).  It is also really fast (2.2ghz core2) compared my current p4 2.4ghz and also has a 8600M GS (the best they had) graphics card [quite an upgrade from gforce go 4400).  I’m really excited.. I’m really excited.. 🙂  Can you tell?

Also on it’s way is a new NVidia 8800 GTS 320Mb video card for my main gaming system.  The 7900GT I currently use is having issues (I think).  It has a lifetime warranty, but I don’t want to be Video Cardless so I’m getting the upgrade I wanted anyway and then I’ll RMI the 7900 and see what’s up.  I can always put it in another machine if it gets replaced (or maybe use 2 video cards!  lol).

Well, I’m outta here.  Maybe more WoW tonight 🙂 [Ha, more than likely]