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July 2007
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Another Week…

Heya.. Yes, the weekend is over.  It’s back to work.

Over the weekend Mythos worked on trying the Bosses after the Curator in Kara.  We worked on Shade, but couldn’t get him down.  We tried Illhoof again, but without success.  We DID go to the Chess event and finished it first try, without one of our members (D/C in the beginning) and without really knowing what we were doing.  My Knight got killed and I switched to a footsoldier.. 🙂  I realllly liked that thing.  It is really fun.  It’s too bad you can’t just go right in and play with that thing all the time.  Maybe make it a battleground, that would be awesome.

Um.. Not much else happened this weekend.  We didn’t go to Kara last night (I think).  I played until around 11:30 or so (not really doing much).  Got my priest to level 31!  Woot!  I reorganized all my bars again (I use bongos)

I should make a list of the addons I use (I use a lot!) and post them here.  Would you be interested in that?  Would it be helpful? I need to post a screenie of my new layout.  It works for me, can’t say it will work for anyone else! LOL

I’m not sure if we are going to go back and give it one last shot tonight on Shade or Illhoof. I’m getting really close to exalted.  Next week is our other Hunter’s week to go (although lately I’ve been going the 2nd and 3rd, etc nights too).  We’ll have to see what happens.

Have a good day and I’ll talk to you on the flip side.