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July 2007
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A little R&J

Yep, back into Kara we went last night….

The opera event was our first stop and it pleases me to say that we were “all over that thang!”  We wiped the first try but then wiped…. the floor with them on the second try! Woot.. Priestie gear was the drop of the fight and out Main healing priest took both items with superior rolling skillz.

We moved on to the Curator.. That.. Didn’t go as well.  I think the main problem was the adds kept aggroing me.  We really need to figure out a way to keep them off, since my DPS goes down significantly if I am forced to Melee.  We got him down pretty good one try, but other than that we were wiping pretty quick.  We waited through one reset cycle and tried again, still no luck.  We have some ideas for tonight that hopefully will work out and then we can move on to the Shade again.. I hope we get to play with the chess event this time before the reset on Tuesday.  Seems silly not to do it (can you do it without killing Shade?  If you can, I hope we do maybe on Monday night at the latest)

Since I was basically just in Kara yesterday, there isn’t much else going on.  I’m sick.. It sucks… I downloaded the Heavenly Sword demo from PSN last night, but, since we quit WoW pretty late, I didn’t get a chance to play it.

I re-installed XP this week (I had been running Vista because my XP crapped out on me a while ago).  I got it running and it was pretty solid two nights ago, but then tonight it started doing it’s little “restart for no reason” thing again.. I really don’t know what it is.. I don’t have spare parts to start trying to replace things.  I don’t think it is the memory at this point. It is possible that there is an issue with my EVGA 7900gt card.  Maybe I’ll pick up a new 8800 GTS 320 or something.. I’m just tired of the problems.  The only other thing I can think of would be the motherboard or CPU.  I was thinking of upgrading the CPU anyway since faster chips are getting pretty cheap right now.  Really don’t want to replace the MB though.  Bleh..  Well, enough complaining.. Good luck out there!  You’ll need it.. (LOL)

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