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July 2007
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Hot Summer Nights

It has come to pass!  We started Kara last night instead of Friday.  Yeah, Wednesday is the new Friday! (Well, this week anyway).  I joined the (generally) normal crew and we set about clearing the first few Bosses in anticipation of getting back past the Curator and taking on the Shade.

Our lineup consisted of:  2 Warriors, 2 Paladins (Holy), 2 Priests (Healing),  1 Druid (For DPS/OT), 1 Mage, 1 Warlock, me (1 Hunter).

Attumen.. Boom.. Piece of cake.   Took a bit longer since we were a little light on DPS compared to healing, but there were very few deaths! 🙂

Moroes.. Boom.. Another Piece of cake.  Downed on the first try (It was very exciting, I hate that fight).  We killed him and the Garrote stayed on me anyway.. I was fine up to the last second until it went away and then down I went.  I survived 4 minutes 59 seconds of Garrote!!!  Ah well.

Maiden.. Well, Click.. Boom.. 🙂  We had a bit of a misfire on her first “stun” (I don’t remember the name of what she does).  Tanks went down and so did we all (well, I feigned in the end)… Rez and retry, BOOOM.. She’s down !  Even more exciting. This was how it is supposed to be!

We decided to move on and try our hand at the Opera Event.. Of course, we got the one we hadn’t done before Julianne and Romulous or however they are spelled.. We gave it a go and … my internet upchucked!  Argh!  We were fighting Romulous by himself at that point and supposedly the group lasted pretty long before wiping (although I was still alive when I got back… interesting).  We were getting all set to try again and… Internet upchucked again!!  This was getting ridiculous. I finally got back in and we gave it another try.. Failed. 🙁  Awww..  The area was starting to respawn so we called it a night.

I was very impressed with our progress through Kara last night. I can only hope it is repeated tonight and we can get at least the Opera and Curator down pretty quickly..  I’m looking forward to trying the Shade when I am not on a pretty crappy computer.. 🙂

That’s all she wrote guys!  Next post tomorrow! (I think).. Laters.

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