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July 2007
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Back in Black

I’m back!  I was away.. Yes, I was.  I was on a long weekend in Sunny New York!  Well, it was sunny for most of the days (until the day we were supposed to leave).  Exciting trip..  Flight out was cancelled, had to reschedule for next day (fun fun).  So, we lost our day we were going to head into Manhattan.  Rest of the trip was fine (got to see the Yankees bust up on Tampa [was like watching an exhibition game].  Kids liked it though).  Was going to go into Manhattan on Monday, but it was storming (can’t catch a break).  Flight out that night was postponed to 11pm (getting in at 2am) so we rebooked for next morning at 7:30am (OY!).  Finally got home.. I am sooooo tired.

Well, what about WoW you ask?  Since I was away I didn’t have time to play.. Oh wait.. That isn’t true! (why does this sound like Doctor Seuss)

I logged in a bit over the weekend and helped out on Sunday and Monday night with some Kara stuff.  The group over the weekend finally got Curator down ( HOORAY for MYTHOS!!).  Then I joined them on Sunday to try at Illhoof.  We cleared the trash okay (I got the continuation of my quests, that was nice) and then went to slay him.  It was an interesting fight and I have to say we survived pretty long most of the time.  We ended the night without a new boss kill though.

Since my flight was cancelled, I logged in on Monday night and was asked to join again in Kara.  They decided to go for the Shade this time (ooooh).   This was pretty much a nightmare for me.  On my aging laptop, I was getting an average somewhere below 10 frames per second in the shade’s room and couldn’t really tell what was going on and so I was the first to die..  (Stupid blizzard spell)

No luck on Shade, although I think once we get the hang of it, we should be able to do it.  I think we got him down to below 65%.

Last night (Tuesday night) I did a little farming and working on my Priest (who is level 30 finally !! woot)  and then helped out some guys kill the last boss in Heroic Ramparts.  That’s about it.. Nothing really special.

Tonight is special though!  It is our first run of Kara starting on Wednesday night!  We are going to try to clear out the earlier bosses now so we have more time for the later ones this weekend.

Wish us luck.. 🙂


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