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July 2007
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Danger Will Robinson.. Danger

The post today starts with a friendly service announcement.  The Microsoft Strategic Commander does not (I repeat DOES NOT) work with Microsoft Vista operating system.  (As far as we can tell).  Our good friend Bligh upgraded his machine this week..  He used the MSC previously in XP and, as luck would have it, there are no Vista drivers, nor will there ever be.  Searching around the web, we found some seemingly useful posts about workarounds, but to no avail.  I think he is going to investigate alternatives today and hopefully we’ll get a comment post on his findings (Hint, Hint)…

Last night was a generally slow night.  Took a while to get going and then we went to Arcatraz to pick up the last keyfrag for Osric and Turais.  We then went galavanting off to Old Hillsbrad to get them setup to do BM.  The group was an interesting one since Os and Turais are alts (or mains.. lol) of our 2 tanks we usually bring (Syne and Bligh).  So…. our Druid friend that usually is a healer (and a great one at that) said he would try tanking the instance (since it really isn’t all that hard anyway).   He did a pretty good job all in all and there were few (if any) deaths  (Good healing helps too 🙂 ).  My pet, Larry, tanked a few fights when he got disconnected and couldn’t get back in for a while (authentication server issues I think).  I am very proud of Larry (considering I’m MM spec, he is a pretty good tank).

Oh… another warning!  If you take the advice of the Heroic strategy for Durn of having a rogue go and set off all the bombs so the pats despawn.. Well, in normal, they didn’t despawn and…. one of the two that needed the quest (the other was the Rogue)  didn’t complete it in this fashion. So we had to run out and reset the instance!  (ugh..)   I guess in Heroic you aren’t interested in finishing that quest..  Also, I would be skeptical that the pats despawn in Heroic anymore also.  (Could be though, you never know)

Since we were all falling asleep (I think I slept through the Epoch Hunter fight) we called it a night and vowed to come back to run BM (twice probably, since we need one of our tanks each time) tonight.  I won’t be able to play much (if at all) on Thursday – Monday, but we’ll see.  I might be able to sneak in some play time.  I probably won’t be posting much though.  I know you will all miss me (Thanks for the one “I’m reading, dude!” comment I got.  I appreciate it), but you’ll survive.

May your threat be good, your dps flow in abundance and/or your heals be plentiful.  I’m out.